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by Frederic Friedel
5/3/2024 – It's all over the news: Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder will be teaming up for a new cutthroat film, based on a book proposal by author Ben Mezrich (“The Social Network” and “Dumb Money”). A24, the independent entertainment company that specializes in film and television production, won the rights to the feature package, striking a seven-figure deal that left competitors' head-spinning. Subject of the film: take a deep breath and proceed to the main body of our article to find out.

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The studio A24 won the rights to a feature package entitled  “Checkmate.” It is based on a book proposal by author Ben Mezrich, whose works were adapted into “The Social Network” and “Dumb Money.” Multiple studios showed interest in the project, but A24 nabbed the rights with a seven-figure offer.

The story centres on the biggest scandal in the history of chess: the controversial 2022 game between World Champion Magnus Carlsen and grandmaster Hans Niemann, during which the latter was accused of cheating. We kid you not!

Checkmate will reteam Emma Stone with Nathan Fielder, stars of the Showtime series The Curse. Fielder is attached to direct, while Stone will produce along with her husband Dave McCary.

The story is circling the globe. If you got to Google News and search for Emma Stone chess (or A24 chess) you get a very large number of links.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the project was offered to a total of six producers. But then A24 dove in with what sources say was an offer that guaranteed seven figures, and came in with a 30 minutes timer. It was an offer that was swiftly accepted.  “I’ve never seen A24 do that before,” said one insider, who said the deal left executives and agents’ head spinning.

We assume that the producers want to emulate the unprecedented success of the miniseries The Queen's Gambit, which was released by Netflix in a 2020.

We'll keep an eye on the development of this ambitious new chess project.


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