Yazici runs for President of the European Chess Union

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10/26/2009 – For twelve years now Boris Kutin has ruled over the ECU. Now he is being challenged by a new candidate, the very dynamic President of the Turkish Chess Federation Ali Nihat Yazici, who will be up for election next year during the Olympiad in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia. "ANY" outlined his goals and presidential intention at his editorial campaign launch in Novi Sad.

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The ECU delegates were hosted to a reception in the Titov Salon of the Park Hotel in Novi Sad, where the Turkish Federation President explained clearly his reasons for running as well as started his electoral campaign with the basis of his vision for the ECU.

Speech of the candidate for President

Ali Nihat Yazici addresses delegates of the European Chess Union

Dear Friends,

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very proud to have you here as my distinguished guests. I am happy you accepted my invitation, thank you very much. I have to thank the President of Europe, Mr. Boris Kutin, for all the work he has done for last twelve years for Europe. Also I thank him for coming to our party. I am so happy to be among so many friends.

Current European Chess Union President Boris Kutin, rival Ali Nihat Yazici

Dear Friends, I believe strongly in democracy. A democracy which was born in Europe. A democracy which gives an opportunity for change. A change which will give Europe, a young, dynamic, experienced team and which opens its arms to everybody.

Dear Friends, now it is time for me to declare my candidacy for presidency of European Chess Union.

I am candidate because, I believe in building closer relationships between rich, poor, strong, weak, big and small federations. We must work all together to build a stronger Europe.

I am candidate, because it is time to make revolution in the way we are thinking and working. Such as website, organisations, collaboration training camps, communication, assistant for chess in school programs for each country.

I am candidate because we must respect our players, who are our heroes. Without them the game cannot exist. It is our object to create a strong continent, where all our eminent players have professional carrier with satisfactory financial conditions.

I am candidate because we have a responsibility to create a professional and transparent organisation. We will open up all boards for attendance of any member federation, and the decision making process in general will be transparent.

I am candidate because results are what matter most. I believe strongly that Europe should have big sponsors, a healthy financial balance sheet, professional stuff, and offices which European chess union will own.

Dear friends, I promise you we will achieve all the above with a roadmap will be built together with your contribution. We are opening our arms to anybody who wishes to work with us to collaborate, exchange ideas, opinions so that we can make Europe a stronger continent.

Thank you everybody, have fun and enjoy the evening.

Horst Metzing, Germany, ECU General Secretary; Sava Stoisavljevic, International Arbiter and ECU Tournament Director; Dr. Peter Rajsanyi, FIDE PR Director; Kurt Gretener, ECU Treasurer; Damir Levacic, ECU Board Member.

Kuvay Sanli, Vice President of the Turkish Chess Federation; Ali Nihat Yazici, President of the TCF; Ion Dobronauteanu, Romanian Chess Federation President; Georgios Makropoulos, Deputy President of FIDE.

Per Ofstad, ECU Senior Chess Director; Boris Kutin, Almog Burnstein, Israeli delegate; Ali Nihat Yazici

Boris Kutin, GM Miso Cebalo (Croatia), Ali Nihat Yazici

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