World Junior: Hovhannisyan and Cori+Girya lead

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8/14/2011 – 14-year-old Girish Koushik, who was on a meteoric winning streak in our last report, has been brought crashing down to earth by older and more experienced GMs. In the lead after eleven (or thirteen) rounds are GM Robert Hovhannisyan in the Open section (9.0/11) and WGMs Olga Girya and Deysi Cori with 9.5/11 each. Once again our report includes endgame lessons by GM Karsten Müller.

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The SDAT–RAMCO 50th World Junior &
29th Junior Girls Chess Championships 2011

This event is taking place from August 1st to 16th at the Hotel Vijay Park in Chennai, India. It is one of the strongest WJCC ever, featuring over 80 titled players among the juniors and girls. Top seeds in the Open Section are Russian GMs Maxim Matlakov (2632) and Sanan Sjugirov (2629), Spanish GM Ivan Salgado Lopez (2626) and fifteen more GMs. In the Girls' Section there are five WGMs led by Nazi Paikidze (2416, GEO), Anastasia Savina (2398, RUS), Deysi Cori (2376, PER), Olga Girya (2371, RUS) and Rout Padmini (2348, IND).

Round nine

Armenian GM Robert Hovhannisyan (right) brought down FM Koushik Girish

The win moved Hovhannisyan into sole lead with 8.0 points followed by fellow Armenian GM Samvel Ter-Sahakyan at 7.5 points. Girish Koushik (India) and GM Dariusz Swiercz (Poland) share the third spot with 7.0 points. In another big upset, Milos Roganovic of Serbia defeated top seed GM Maxim Matlakov of Russia, whose second successive defeat put his title chances in a jeopardy.

Chandika Divyasree (India) playing WGM Anastasia Savina (Russia)

Deysi Corie vs Paikidze Nazi in round nine (1-0 in 44 moves)

Inna Agrest, Sweden, beat Lkhamsuren Uuganbayar, Mongolia, in 29

The girls section saw WGM Deysi Cori from Peru take the sole lead with 8.0 points. Russian Olga Girya is in the second spot with 7.5 points. Earlier, Cori defeated top seeded WGM Nazi Paikidze of Georgia, even as the top board game between two Russian girls, Elena Semenova and Girya ended in a draw.

Catherina P Michelle of India made a nine-gam WIM norm

The day belonged to the quartet of performers who made their respective norms. Nine-game WIM norms were achieved by Elena Semenova of Russia and Catherina P Michelle of India, while the IM norms were achieved by S L Narayanan and V A V Rajesh (both India). FIDE Master V.A.V. Rajesh defeated Peruvian Grandmaster Jorge Cori, completing his third and final IM norm. He now needs to cross Elo 2400 to become India's latest International Master. Promising Kerala lad S.L. Narayanan scored over Polish IM Piorun Kacper achieving his maiden IM norm.

Round ten

The Armenian GM duo Robert Hovhannisyan and Samvel Ter-Sahakyan (above) drew their top board game, which meant that Hovhannisyan kept his half-point lead at 8.5 points, followed by fellow Armenian Ter-Sahakyan and Dariusz Swiercz (Poland) at 8.0 points. Sharing the fourth spot were GMs Adhiban Baskaran (India) and Ray Robson (USA) at 7.5 points.

On second board Swiercz Dariusz of Poland (above left) inflicted Indian FM Girish A Koushik his second consecutive defeat. Also facing continuous defeat was Italian Axel Rombaldoni, who went down to Indian GM Adhiban Baskaran.

WGM Deysi Cori Tello of Peru maintained her stay on top, holding Ozturk Kubra of Turkey to a draw. The Peruvian girl pressed for victory and stretched herself as the game went into a knight versus three pawns ending. Kubra defended accurately, as the marathon game concluded after 75 moves. Russian Girya Olga joing Deysi on the top, scoring over Gulnar Marfat Qizi Mammadova of Azerbaijan. Cori and Girya lead the table with 8.5 points, followed by Ozturk, Irina Bulmaga (Romania) and Julia Dogodkina (Russia) at 7.0 points. A seizable 1.5 lead with three rounds to go, makes the leading duo strong title contenders.

Chief Arbiter R Antharam confirmed the following nine game norms: GM norm for Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (India), and IM norms for Tihomir Janev of Bulgaria and Vladislav Kovalev of Belarus. Among girls, Klaudia Kulon of Poland gained a nine-game WIM Norm. Israel GM Tamir Nabaty withdrew from the event on health grounds.

Round eleven

With comfortable wins WGMs Deysi Cori (Peru) and Olga Girya (Russia) built a huge two point lead in the Girls Section, followed by Rout Padmini (India), Nazi Paikidze, Keti Tsatsalasvili (both Georgia), Bulmaga Irina (Romania) and Dogodkina Julia (Russia) at 7.5 points.

In the Open ection, Armenian GM Robert Hovhannisyan drew his game against Polish GM Swiercz Dariusz and maintained his lead with 9.0 points. Samvel Ter-Sahakyan (Armenia) and Dariusz Swiercz (Poland) followed with 8.5 points. Sharing the fourth spot at 8.0 points were Vladislav Kovalev (Belarus), Vasif Durarbeyli (Azerbaijan), Ray Robson (USA) and Adhiban Baskaran (India). With two rounds to go, the games are bound to intense, as the big medals are at stake.

Top rankings after eleven rounds: Open – Girls

Rk. Ti. Name
1 GM Hovhannisyan Robert ARM 2556 9.0
2 GM Ter-Sahakyan Samvel ARM 2558 8.5
3 GM Swiercz Dariusz POL 2553 8.5
4 GM Robson Ray USA 2560 8.0
5 FM Kovalev Vladislav BLR 2439 8.0
6 GM Durarbeyli Vasif AZE 2515 8.0
7 GM Adhiban B IND 2542 8.0
8 IM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi IND 2492 7.5
9 IM Grover Sahaj IND 2496 7.5
10 GM Rasulov Vugar AZE 2522 7.5
11 GM Sethuraman S P IND 2529 7.5
12 IM Rombaldoni Axel ITA 2459 7.0
13 FM Girish A Koushik IND 2309 7.0
14 GM Salgado Lopez Ivan ESP 2626 7.0
15 IM Goganov Aleksey RUS 2489 7.0
16 IM Roganovic Milos SRB 2476 7.0
17 GM Shimanov Aleksandr RUS 2586 7.0
18 IM Piorun Kacper POL 2514 7.0
19 IM Urkedal Frode NOR 2448 7.0
20 GM Sjugirov Sanan RUS 2629 7.0
21 GM Grandelius Nils SWE 2542 7.0
22 FM Krysa Leandro ARG 2374 7.0
23 IM Anwesh Upadhyaya IND 2429 7.0
24 IM Shyam Sundar M IND 2478 7.0
25 IM Krejci Jan CZE 2503 7.0
26 IM Huschenbeth Niclas GER 2521 6.5
27 GM Matlakov Maxim RUS 2632 6.5
28 GM Martinovic Sasa CRO 2521 6.5
29 Abhishek Kelkar IND 2197 6.5
30 FM Barbosa Evandro Amorim BRA 2343 6.5
31 IM Lalith Babu M R IND 2495 6.5
32 Stany G A IND 2435 6.5
33 K Praneeth Surya IND 2036 6.5
34 Hemant Sharma (del) IND 2247 6.5
35 IM Shyam Nikil P IND 2398 6.5
36 FM Ikeda Junta AUS 2349 6.5
37 GM Salem A R Saleh UAE 2493 6.5
38 IM Vaibhav Suri IND 2430 6.5
39 FM Botta Gabriele SUI 2261 6.5
40 IM Ramnath Bhuvanesh R IND 2422 6.5
Rk.   Ti. Name
1 WGM Girya Olga RUS 2371 9.5
2 WGM Cori T Deysi PER 2376 9.5
3 WGM Paikidze Nazi GEO 2416 7.5
4 WIM Bulmaga Irina ROU 2293 7.5
5 WGM Padmini Rout IND 2348 7.5
6 Dogodkina Julia RUS 2193 7.5
7 WGM Tsatsalashvili Keti GEO 2318 7.5
8 WIM Ozturk Kubra TUR 2258 7.0
9 WIM Nakhbayeva Guliskhan KAZ 2222 7.0
10 WIM Agrest Inna SWE 2220 7.0
11 Martinez Ayelen ARG 2011 7.0
12 WFM Semenova Elena RUS 2175 6.5
13 WFM Kulon Klaudia POL 2227 6.5
14 WIM Mammadova Gulnar AZE 2294 6.5
15 Tokhirjanova Hulkar UZB 2119 6.5
16 Frayna Janelle Mae PHI 1875 6.5
17 WFM Fataliyeva Ulviyya AZE 2107 6.5
18 WIM Kulkarni Bhakti IND 2317 6.5
19 WGM Savina Anastasia RUS 2398 6.5
20 WIM Hoang Thi Nhu Y VIE 2204 6.5
21 WIM Vo Thi Kim Phung VIE 2141 6.5
22 Michelle Catherina P IND 2052 6.0
23 Nandhidhaa Pv IND 2101 6.0
24 Lasya G IND 1898 6.0
25 WFM Saranya J IND 2121 6.0
26 WFM Lkhamsuren Uugan. MGL 2163 6.0
27 Chandika Divyasree IND 2123 6.0
28 WFM Terao Juliana Sayumi BRA 2168 6.0
29 Pratyusha Bodda IND 2064 6.0
30 WFM Pon Nkrithika IND 2075 6.0
31 WIM Eric Jovana SRB 2282 6.0
32 WIM Olsarova Karolina CZE 2282 6.0
33 WFM Bharathi R IND 2117 6.0
34 WIM Kazimova Narmin AZE 2292 5.5
35 Forestier Carole FRA 2101 5.5
36 WIM Heredia Serrano Carla ECU 2072 5.5
37 Sithalatchumi A IND 1939 5.5

Endgame analysis by GM Karsten Müller

The following are two interesting didactic analyses submitted by our endgame expert for the CBM Blog.


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