World Junior & Girls Chess Championships under way

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8/5/2011 – There are a total of 196 participants, almost half of them from India, in the SDAT–RAMCO 50th World Junior & 29th Junior Girls Chess Championships 2011, which is taking place from August 3 to 15 in Chennai, India. 80 of the players are titled. In the first three rounds there were plenty of surprises, with GMs being taken down by 13-year-old half-pints. Big pictorial report.

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The SDAT–RAMCO 50th World Junior &
29th Junior Girls Chess Championships 2011

This event is taking place from August 1st to 16th in Chennai, India. It is one of the strongest WJCC ever, featuring over 80 titled players among the juniors and girls. Top seeds in the Open Section are Russian GMs Maxim Matlakov (2632) and Sanan Sjugirov (2629), Spanish GM Ivan Salgado Lopez (2626) and fifteen more GMs. In the Girls' Section there are five WGMs led by Nazi Paikidze (2416, GEO), Anastasia Savina (2398, RUS), Deysi Cori (2376, PER), Olga Girya (2371, RUS) and Rout Padmini (2348, IND).

History of World Junior and Girls U-20 Championships

The idea was the brainchild of William Ritson-Morry, who organized the 1951 inaugural event in England. Borislav Ivkov was the first champion. It was held every two years until 1973, when an annual schedule was adopted. The first tournament was 11-round Swiss, but from 1974 finals a 13-round Swiss event was adopted. This year's event started on August 2nd and ends on August 15, with Monday, August 8th being a free day.

Junior Champions from the past who went on to become World Champions are Boris Spassky, Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov and Viswanathan Anand, while the World Junior Girls Champion Zhu Chen became the World Women Champion. Indian players have figured prominently in the competition: the current World Champion Viswanathan Anand became India's first World Junior Champion in 1987. Since then Pentala Harikrishna (2004), and GM Abhijeet Gupta (2008) won the title. The current World Women’s Champion contender GM Koneru Humpy became the first Indian girl to win the World Junior Girls Championship in 2002. After her Dronavalli Harika (2008), and Soumya Swaminathan (2010) emerged as Champions.

The Legislative Assembly Speaker of Tamil Nadu, Shri D. Jayakumar, inaugurating the Championships. Left to right are World Champion Viswanathan Anand, DV Sundar, FIDE Vice President, Bharat Singh, Hon Secretary, All India Chess Federation, M. Vijayakumar, IAS Member Secretary, Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu, K.Muralimohan, Championship Director WJCC 2011, General Secretary of the Tamil Nadu State Chess Association.

Anand has found a brilliant reply to the Speaker's novelty: 1.e3 e5 2.h4!? Nf6!!

In his chief guest address Anand said, "I won my world junior title after four attempts, but experience always helps in handling tougher situations. The Tamil Nadu Government has been a constant supporter to chess in the state and this time it has gone up one step and may as well host the world championship against Gelfand." Incidentally, there are 63 players (of 126) from India in the Open Section and 30 (of 69) in the Girls' Section. See what you did, Vishy?

Traditional Indian (actually Tamil Nadu) dance form – Bharatha Natyam

Bharata Natyam is a 'fire dance' – the mystic manifestation of the metaphysical element of fire in the human body. It is mainly performed with the hands, eyes and face. In contrast to the Western ballet, where the dancers are trying to create the illusion that they are weightless and defying gravity, Bharata Natyam is "down to earth" and contains heavy stamping.

Mohini Attam is the dance form of Kerala (a Southern India state on the other coast). The name translates to "dance of the enchantress", and it is performed with subtle gestures and footwork. The performers use their eyes in a very coy yet sensual manner, the purpose being to enchant the mind without enticing the senses.

A Spanish-themed presentation for Ivan Salgado Lopez, the only Spaniard in the event...

...and this is a Japanese presentation, for the 195 international participants.

Round one

FIDE Master V.A.V. Rajesh stole the limelight by holding top seed Russian GM Maxim Matlakov to a draw. Also snatching half a point from grandmasters were R. Ashwath, Sayantan Das, R.A. Pradeep Kumar and S.L. Narayanan. This young Indian trio drew with GMs Robert Hovhannisyan (Armenia), Swiercz Dariusz (Poland), Adhiban Baskaran and S.P.Sethuraman (both India).

The girls section saw higher rated Indian star Kulkarni Bhakti being held to a draw by WIM Emma Guo of Australia. Fifth seed and medal favourite Padmini Rout nursed an extra pawn, defeating Roberta Brunello of Italy.

Top seed WGM Nazi Paikidze of Georgia scored over Armenian Gevorgyan Maria

Round 1 Results (Open) (Indians unless specified)
V A V Rajesh (India) 0.5 drew with Maxim Matlakov (Russia) 0.5, Sjugirov Sanan (Russia) 1 beat Rojas Alarcon Julian Antonio (Mexico) 0, Aaron Deepak (USA) 0 lost to Salgado Lopez Ivan (Spain) 1, Shimanov Aleksandr (Russia) 1 beat Tomazini Zan (Slovenia), Kozganbayev Erken (Kazakhastan) 0 lost to Tamir Nabaty (Israel) 1, Ter-Sahakyan Samvel (Armenia) 1 beat Botta Gabriele (Armenia) 0, R Ashwath 0.5 drew with Hovhannisyan Robert (Armenia) 0.5, Ray Robson (USA) 1 beat Hemant Sharma 0, Das Sayantan 0.5 drew with Swiercz Dariusz (Poland) 0.5, Baskaran Adhiban 0.5 drew with R A Pradeep Kumar 0.5, S P Sethuraman 0.5 drew with S L Narayanan 0.5

Round 1 Results (Girls) (Indians unless specified)
Paikidze Nazi (Georgia) 1 beat Gevorgyan Maria (Armenia) 0, Edes Zsofia (Slovakia) 0 lost to Savina Anastasia (Russia) 1, Cori T Deysi (Peru) 1 beat Pratyusha Bodda 0, Michelle Catherina P 0 lost to Girya Olga (Russia) 1, Padmini Rout 1 beat Brunello Roberta (Italy) 0, Guo Emma (Australia) 0.5 drew with Kulkarni Bhakti 0.5, Mammadova Gulnar Marfat Qizi (Azerbaijan) 0.5 drew with Ivana Maria Furtado 0.5, Martinez Ayelen (Argentina) 0 lost to Bulmaga Irina (Romania) 1, Kazimova Narmin Niazami Qizi (Azerbaijan) 1 beat C H Savetha 0, A Akshaya 0 lost to Eric Jovana (Serbia)

Round two

13-year-old S.L. Narayanan (photo above), studying in St. Thomas Residential School, Trivandrum, was the hero of the day, defeating local favourite GM Adhiban Baskaran. The game started off in a Sicilian Najdorf and Narayanan managed to obtain equality out of the opening. Into the queen, rook and minor piece ending, Adhiban overlooked an enterprising sacrifice from the Kerala boy on move 31, and the game wound up in favour of Narayanan 15 moves later. With 1.5 points from two rounds facing the Grandmasters, Narayanan has made a dream start, and is poised for another high rated opponent in the next round.

Another boy who made the big news was Mumbai youngster Aditya Udeshi who defeated Russian GM Aleksandr Shimanov (Elo 2586). The hero of yesterday, VAV Rajesh of India who held the top seed Russian Grandmaster Matlakov to a draw held Armenian Grandmaster Robert Hovhannisyan in 60 moves.

[Event "World Junior"] [Site "Chennai IND"] [Date "2011.08.03"] [Round "2"] [White "Udeshi, A."] [Black "Shimanov, A."] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "B48"] [WhiteElo "2378"] [BlackElo "2586"] [PlyCount "79"] [EventDate "2011.08.01"] 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nc6 5. Nc3 Qc7 6. Be3 a6 7. Qd2 Nf6 8. O-O-O Bb4 9. f3 Ne7 10. Nde2 b5 11. Qe1 Bc5 12. Nf4 d6 13. g4 e5 14. Bxc5 Qxc5 15. g5 Nd7 16. Nfd5 Nxd5 17. Nxd5 Bb7 18. Ne3 g6 19. h4 Nb6 20. Bh3 a5 21. h5 b4 22. Kb1 a4 23. Rh2 Ke7 24. c3 b3 25. a3 h6 $2 {A decisive error in a position where Black was already worse.} 26. hxg6 fxg6 27. gxh6 Rxh6 28. Qg1 Rah8 29. Qg5+ Ke8 30. Bd7+ Nxd7 31. Rxh6 Rxh6 32. Qxh6 Nf8 33. Ng4 Ba6 34. Qg7 Bd3+ 35. Kc1 Nd7 36. Qxg6+ Kd8 37. Rxd3 Qg1+ 38. Rd1 Qg2 39. Qg5+ Nf6 40. Qd2 1-0

In the girls section, India's Woman Grandmaster Padmini Rout and along with Andhra girl G Lasya led the pack of leaders with two points.

Round 2 Results (Open) (Indians unless specified)
Getz Nicolai (Norway) 2 beat Sanan Sjugirov (Russia) 1, Salgado Lopez Ivan (Spain) 2 beat Swayams Mishra (1), Udeshi Aditya (2) beat Shimanov Aleksandr (Russia) 1, Nabaty Tamir (Israel) 2 beat K Priyadharshan (1), Grandelius Nils (Sweden) 2 beat Ikeda Junta (Australia) 1, S Nitin (1.5) drew with Sasha Martinovic (Croatia) 1.5, Niclas Huschenbeth (Germany) 2 beat C R G Krishna (1), Maxim Matlakov (Russia) 1.5 beat S Prasannaa 0.5, Robert Hovhannisyan (Armenia) 1 drew with V A V Rajesh (1), S L Narayanan (2) beat B Adhiban 0.5, R A Pradeep Kumar 0.5 lost to S P Sethuraman (1.5), Cori Jorge (Peru) 1.5 beat Das Sayantan 0.5

Round 2 Results (Girls) (Indians unless specified)
Fataliyeava Ulviyya Hsaill Qizi (Azerbaijan) 1 lost to Paikidze Nazi (Georgia) 2, Savoma Anastasia (Russia) 1 lost to Forestier Carole (France) 2, P V Nandhidhaa (1) lost to Cori T Deysi (Peru) 2, Girya Olga (Russia) 2 beat Imeeva Aisa (Russia) 1, Pon N Krithika 1 lost to Padmini Rout 2, Bulmaga Irina (Romania) 2 beat Heredia Serrano Carla (Ecuador) 1, Bala Kannamma P (1) lost to Kazimova Narmin Nizami Qizi (Azerbaijan) 2, Eric Jovana (Serbia) 1 lost to G Lasya (2), Ozturk Kubra (Turkey) 2 beat Hema Priya N (1), J Sahari (1) lost to Elena Semenova (Russia) 2.0

Round three

Michelle Catherina (photo), a student of Good Shepard Convent, Chennai, defeated WGM Ananstasia Savina of Russia. Michelle said, "I was a bit lucky today, as Savina blundered in a position that tilted the game in my favour". Third seed Grandmaster Ivan Salgado Lopez of Spain, along with Italian Rombaldoni Axel and Polish Grandmaster Piorun Kacper led the field with 3.0 points after as many rounds. The girls section saw WGM Paikidze Nazi (Georgia), Cori T Deysi (Peru), Padmini Rout (India), Girya Olga (Russia), Bulmaga Irina (Romania) and Kazimova Narmin Nizami Qizi (Azerbaijan) sharing the lead with 3.0 points.

Round 3 Results (Open) (Indians unless specified)
Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (2) lost to Salgado Lopez Ivan (Spain) 3, Aleksey Goganov (Russia) 2.5 drew with Tamir Nabaty (Israel) 2.5, Rombaldoni Axel (Italy) 3 beat Grandelius Nils (Sweden) 2, G A Stany (2.5) drew with Rasulov Vugar Ural Oglu (Azerbaijan) 2.5, Nicolai Getz (Norway) 2.5 drew with Sahaj Grover 2.5, Ray Robson (USA) 2.5 beat Aditya Udeshi (2.5), Debashis Das (2) drew with Maxim Matlakov (Russia) 2, S P Sethuraman (2) drew with Narayanan Srinath (2), M R Lalith Babu (2.5) beat S L Narayanan (1.5), Patil Pratik (1.5) lost to Roganovic Milos (Serbia) 2.5, Kovalev Vladislav (Belarus) 2.5 beat Thavindaran Shiyam (Canada) 1.5

Round 3 Results (Girls) (Indians unless specified)
Paikidze Nazi (Georgia) 3 beat Ozturk Kubra (Turkey) 2, Cori T Deysi (Peru) 3 beat Semenova Elena (Russia) 2, Padmini Rout (3) beat Terao Juliana Sayumi (Brazil) 2, Forestier Carole (France) 2 lost to Bulmaga Irina (Romania) 3, Kazimova Narmin Nizami Qizi (Azerbaijan) 3 beat G Lasya 2, Lkhamsuren Uuganbayar (Mongolia) 2 drew with Bhakti Kulkarni (2), Romero Echeverria Abigail (Ecuador) 2.5 lost to Nakhbayeva Guliskhan (Kazakhastan) 2.5, Inna Agrest (Sweden) 2 drew with Ani Krumova (Bulgaria) 2, P Michelle Catherina (2) beat Anastasia Savina (Russia) 1.

Top rankings after three rounds

Rk. Ti. Name FED Rtg Pts.
1 GM Salgado Lopez Ivan ESP 2626 3.0
2 IM Piorun Kacper POL 2514 3.0
3 IM Rombaldoni Axel ITA 2459 3.0
4 FM Getz Nicolai NOR 2385 2.5
5 Janev Tihomir BUL 2349 2.5
6 IM Goganov Aleksey RUS 2489 2.5
7 GM Nabaty Tamir ISR 2584 2.5
8 GM Rasulov Vugar Ural Oglu AZE 2522 2.5
9 GM Robson Ray USA 2560 2.5
10 GM Ter-Sahakyan Samvel ARM 2558 2.5
11 IM Huschenbeth Niclas GER 2521 2.5
12 GM Martinovic Sasa CRO 2521 2.5
13 IM Grover Sahaj IND 2496 2.5
14 Stany G A IND 2435 2.5
15 FM Petrisor Adrian-Marian ROU 2408 2.5
16 GM Swiercz Dariusz POL 2553 2.5
17 IM Lalith Babu M R IND 2495 2.5
18 FM Kuchynka Lukas CZE 2339 2.5
19 IM Roganovic Milos SRB 2476 2.5
20 FM Kovalev Vladislav BLR 2439 2.5
21 IM Urkedal Frode NOR 2448 2.5
Rk. Ti. Name FED Rtg Pts.
1 WGM Paikidze Nazi GEO 2416 3.0
2 WGM Cori T Deysi PER 2376 3.0
3 WGM Padmini Rout IND 2348 3.0
4 WGM Girya Olga RUS 2371 3.0
5 WIM Bulmaga Irina ROU 2293 3.0
6 WIM Kazimova Qizi AZE 2292 3.0
7 WIM Nakhbayeva Guliskhan KAZ 2222 2.5
8 Michelle Catherina P IND 2052 2.0
9 Forestier Carole FRA 2101 2.0
10 Krumova Ani BUL 1961 2.0
11 Lasya G IND 1898 2.0
12 WFM Mahalakshmi M IND 1901 2.0
13 Hema Priya N IND 1885 2.0
14 WIM Ozturk Kubra TUR 2258 2.0
15 WFM Semenova Elena RUS 2175 2.0
16 Tokhirjanova Hulkar UZB 2119 2.0
Imeeva Aisa RUS 2094 2.0
18 WFM Terao Juliana Sayumi BRA 2168 2.0
19 WFM Lkhamsuren Uuganbayar MGL 2163 2.0
20 WIM Kulkarni Bhakti IND 2317 2.0
21 Nandhidhaa Pv IND 2101 2.0


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