World Cup 2017 Round 3, Game 2 and tiebreak

by Lawrence Trent
9/11/2017 – Every evening (CEST) we offer you a round-up show of the games played at the World Cup in Tbilisi. IM Lawrence Trent showed the elimination round 3, game 2 and Monday's tiebreak. Have a look...

Round 3 winners and losers

After every round of the World Cup we offer you a round up show of the events in Tbilisi. Here's the schedule.

Tiebreak round-up show (20:00 CEST):

IM Lawrence Trent covers the Round 3 Tiebreak highlights

Round 3, Game 2 round-up show:

GM Simon Williams looks at Kramnik 0-1 Ivanchuk


Date Commentator
Tiebreak R1
Tuesday, 05 Sep GM Simon Williams
Wednesday, 06 Sep GM Simon Williams
Thursday, 07 Sep GM Daniel King
Tiebreak R2
Friday, 08 Sep GM Daniel King
Saturday, 09 Sep IM Lawrence Trent
Sunday, 10 Sep GM Simon Williams
Tiebreak R3
Monday, 11 Sep IM Lawrence Trent
Tuesday, 12 Sep IM Lawrence Trent
Wednesday, 13 Sep GM Simon Williams
Tiebreak R4
Thursday, 14 Sep GM Simon Williams
Friday, 15 Sep GM Simon Williams
Saturday, 16 Sep IM Lawrence Trent
Tiebreak R5
Sunday, 17 Sep GM Simon Williams
Semifinal Game 1
Tuesday, 19 Sep IM Lawrence Trent
Semifinal Game 2
Wednesday, 20 Sep GM Daniel King
Tiebreak Semifinal
Thursday, 21 Sep IM Lawrence Trent
Final Game 1
Saturday, 23 Sep GM Daniel King
Final Game 2
Sunday, 24 Sep GM Daniel King
Final Game 3
Monday, 25 Sep GM Daniel King
Final Game 4
Tuesday, 26 Sep tba
Tiebreak Final
Wednesday, 27 Sep GM Daniel King

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Lawrence Trent also hosts "The Weekly Show", while Simon Williams has his own show too, the popular "Simon Says"!

The most recent episodes of both are below:

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Born in 1986, Lawrence Trent is an international master, who has represented England in numerous international youth championships (including a 7th place in the U18 WCh in 2003). The Londoner, who has a degree in Romance languages, already has a lot of experience as a trainer. Trent has so far recorded two DVDs for ChessBase (the Two Knights Attack and the Morra Gambit). Trent also demonstrated his ability as a commentator on live chess at the London Chess Classic, where he commented on the games of Carlsen, Kramnik and Co. both for the public in the hall and on Playchess.
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Rambus Rambus 9/12/2017 01:53
Najer must be strong - his rating is way higher than Petrosian or Spassky at their peak!
bonnie charles bonnie charles 9/12/2017 08:49
It is just wrong to compare results from the past to results at present. Both Petrosian and Spassky are giants in chess. That's what counts, nothing else. Our Hungarian team were the Magic Magyars in the 1950s. It would be funny to compare their playing style to a modern football team today then degrade their performance accordingly. Everything must be measured in their own time and context. Najer is a talented player but comparing him to Spassky is funny.