World Chess Beauty Contest

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2/22/2005 – That is the title of a new chess "tournament", initiated by a crew that calls themselves the "blitz brothers". They have set up a research site to find the most beautiful (we assume female) chess players on the planet. The first participants have already started making their moves, and chess players all over the world are invited to submit "cool photos". Take a deep breath.

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World Chess Beauty Contest

Natalija Pogonina (WGM, RUS, 2362)

Who exactly the "blitz brothers" are and the link to their web site is given at the bottom of this page. But first let us fill you in on the details of this unique chess contest. After hours of tedious study we are pleased to be able to present you with an obligatory sample of the pictures.

First of all the site is hosting what they call a grandiose event, the "long-awaited First World Chess Beauty Contest". Their intention is to promote chess worldwide and attract the interest of media and sponsors.

To view the pictures in full size you have to register, which is painless and, we believe, non-commercial in the sense that the email address you give will not be passed on to any third parties. You can register by giving a name, a password and an email address. If you are really nervous about spam, give a temporary or disposable email address.

Registered users not only have access to full-sized images, they can also download the photos and comment on them. The web masters are urging all girls (aha, it is a female contest) to take part in the "tournament" and upload their coolest photos. The only conditions are that they must be at least 16 years old and have played in at least one official chess tournament. Elo rating is immaterial. Participants are also encouraged to send biographical details on their chess careers, etc.

The exact regulations, closing dates, prizes, etc. have not yet been published. This will be done when the Arbiter's Board (parts of which are playing in the Aeroflot tournament) will be constituted as a whole.

Some of the participants

Tatjana Plachkinova-Kogan ((WIM, BUL, 2182)

Laoura Hachatrian

Sofya Zigangirova (WIM, KAZ, 2301)

Claire Bodenez (FRA, 1987)

Melissa Levacic (FRA, 2007)

Elisabeth Pähtz (IM, GER, 2407)

Anna Sharevich (WIM, BLR, 2274)

Sofya Zigangirova (WIM, KAZ, 2301)

Viktoria Bashkite (WIM, EST, 2196)

Tina Mietzner (WIM, GER, 2234)

Almira Skripchenko (IM, FRA, 2459)

Laoura Hachatrian

The initiators

So who is behind this unusual chess competition? None other that the "Blitz Brothers" Eugeny and Vladislav Tkachiev (picture above). Their story and philosophy was the subject of an interview with the latter, who is himself the ultimate chess hunk and also, would you believe it, a world-class blitz specialist.

Chess hunk Vlad Tkachiev


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