World Blitz Championshp Qualifier: Videos!

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2/21/2011 – After the last round of the Aeroflot Open, a qualifier for the World Blitz Championship was held, which brought in several top players to join in the fray, such as Mamedyarov, Karjakin, Grischuk and more. Though game scores are not available, someone with a camcorder made sure the event was not reduced to a mere crosstable with results. Here are videos by Sergey Sorokhtin.

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World Blitz Championship Qualifier

Sergey Sorokhtin took his camcorder to the World Blitz Qualifier and filmed a number of games and matches which he has posted at his YouTube channel. Here is a sample of videos we are sharing with his kind permission.

Seventh round game between Mamedyarov and Mamedov (both compatriots). Mamedov plays a Philidor, and
Shak exploits his space advantage in classic fashion. 1-0

The second game of their encounter. Mamedyarov plays a Budapest Gambit this time against Mamedov, and after a middlegame with constant exchange sacs insistently offered by Shak, his early Rook lift with a5-Ra6-Rh6 decides.

 Andreikin against Mamedyarov. A complicated game, but exciting, where Andreikin gets the better of it.

Sergey Karjakin plays a Maroczy against Pavel Smirnov's Sicilian whom he eventually outplays.

The last half of the game between Kamsky and Andreikin. Andreikin plays a fine endgame where he is able to
convert his extra doubled pawn.

Mamedov and Cheparinov play an Italian where the Azeri embarks on a series of lengthy maneuvers that leave
Ivan quite perplexed. A hard fought middlegame with some tactics ends in an unavoidable mate.1-0

Vallejo-Pons faces Andreikin. Things begin to look dire for the Spaniard until he finds a resource that only Troitsky
or a computer would consider trying to win.

The second game in which Andreikin plays an English aganst Vallejo, and takes the upper hand, however Paco strikes back with tactical threats against Dmitry's king.

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