Women’s World Championship: Ju levels the score

by Klaus Besenthal
7/17/2023 – In the eighth game of the FIDE Women’s World Championship on Sunday, Ju Wenjun finally managed to score a win against challenger Lei Tingjie. A day earlier, the defending champion had failed to make the most of a big advantage in game 7. With four more games to go, the score is now tied. | Photo: Stev Bonhage / FIDE

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All square

The two Chinese grandmasters again played a high-class, full-of-content game this Sunday, one that was really enjoyable and instructive.

Ju Wenjun, Lei Tingjie

Game over | Photo: Stev Bonhage

All games


Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.