Women’s Candidates: All square

by André Schulz
12/9/2022 – The third game of the Women’s Candidates semifinal in Khiva between Aleksandra Goryachkina and Tan Zhongyi also ended in a draw. Playing white, Goryachkina could not get anything against Tan’s Bogoljubov Defence. A balanced position was quickly reached and the game ended in a draw on move 45. | Photo: Timur Sattarov / FIDE

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A draw away from tiebreaks

After the rest day, Aleksandra Goryachkina had the white pieces in the third game of the Women’s Candidates semifinal in Khiva, Uzbekistan.

Following two games with the Queen’s Gambit, a Bogoljubov Defence appeared on the board. Goryachkina chose the variation with 4.Nbd2, but in the further course of the game, she did not gain any advantage. The game ended in a draw on move 45. 


If the fourth game on Saturday also ends in a draw, a rapid playoff (and blitz, if necessary) will follow on Sunday. 

All games - Pool B


Attacking with the Jobava London System

The Jobava London System is a minor form of the London System. White tries to play Lf4 quickly followed by Nc3.


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