Women’s Candidates: Games and commentary

by ChessBase
11/5/2022 – After three games and three draws, the semi-final of the Women's Candidates between Anna Muzychuk and Lei Tingjie is tied. On Saturday the fourth and last game with a classical time-control will be played. Can Lei Tingjie use the advantage of the white pieces, will Anna Muzychuk win with Black or will we see a tiebreak? | Follow game 4 game live with expert commentary starting at 15.00 CET (10.00 ET, 19.30 IST)

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Women’s Candidates - Pool A

All games


Commentary by IM/WGM Almira Skripchenko and GM Alojzije Janković


  • October 25: Round 1 Game 1
  • October 26: Round 1 Game 2
  • October 27: Rest day
  • October 28: Round 1 Game 3
  • October 29: Round 1 Game 4
  • October 30: Tiebreaks
  • October 31: Rest day
  • November 1: Round 2 Game 1
  • November 2: Round 2 Game 2
  • November 3: Rest day
  • November 4: Round 2 Game 3
  • November 5: Round 2 Game 4
  • November 6: Tiebreaks and Closing ceremony

Attacking with the Jobava London System

The Jobava London System is a minor form of the London System. White tries to play Lf4 quickly followed by Nc3.


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