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12/1/2021 – He is the FIDE World Chess Champion of 2004, and has been the main second of World Champion Viswanathan Anand, during Anand's successful title defences in 2008, 2010 and 2012. He has coached the German national team, became the trainer of World Champion challengers Sergey Karjakin and Fabiano Caruana. Now you can win a private session with Rustam. Just submit a brilliant game you've recently played against the computer.

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Isn't it what every chess player wants? To win with a brilliant game! With Fritz 18 your dreams can come true: Fritz shows how it's done. With discrete tips, your attacking game can succeed. Fritz won't tell you what moves to make, so you have to find them yourself, but it will help you with visual and spoken hints, or calculations which you can switch on! Win against Fritz with a powerful winning combination, and learn how to attack all at the same time! This is how to make chess fun – against Fritz 18!

Show us your brilliant games! We will raffle attractive prizes among the senders! The most beautiful games on our website:

The rules

  • Anyone who sends us their own "brilliant game" can take part. 
  • The game must be sent by email to the following address:
  • Deadline: 31st December 2021 at midnight
  • We will draw the prizes from all participants. Notification of prizes will be sent out in the beginning of January.
  • All entrants agree to the publication of their game on the ChessBase News pages.
  • A picture and short bio of participants is requested.

The prizes

  • Private training with GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov (90 min. online, in English or German)

Trainer and second: Rustam Kazimdzhanov with Anand, Caruana and Karjakin

  • VIP Video Blitz Tournament: ten winners take part in an online blitz tournament with a well-known GM. With video.
  • 10 vouchers for 50 € in the ChessBase Shop
  • 10 vouchers for 25 € in the ChessBase Shop

Using Easy Game

When you first start up Fritz 18, you are first shown the opening menu screen. Just click on Easy Game.

It will open the screen to a fairly familiar scene if you have ever used this mode before. Of note is that at the bottom right is a large colorful area with a big smiling yellow rook, and some curious checkboxes.

These are fairly self-explanatory, and will be described in a future tutorial. For now let us just play some games and have some fun.

Starting a game

You might find this part obvious and unnecessary, but a few words can make your first foray a bit smoother. Before starting a game, choose a level. 

The levels can be quite striking in their range. Players of many levels will be able to enjoy a good game now, and use it as a proper part of training.

Note: The first game will usually be much weaker than expected as it calibrates itself against you. This has been a common experience, but soon it will adapt and by the second game expect a much more balanced game, while it tries to give you opportunities to play and even win. 

Reviewing your game

After your game is over, you will have the opportunity to review it either right then, or later at your leisure, with the Fritz GUI or ChessBase. Your games are saved in \My Documents\ChessBase\Compbase and the name of the default database is Autoplay. If you use ChessBase 16, you can simply direct it to the folder and open the database for perusal.

How to send a game

There are multiple ways to send the game of course, and in the end, the key is to send it to the address above:

The copy-and-paste method

If you are comfortable with copy-and-paste within your email, then one way to send a game is to simply open the game, then press Ctrl-C. Now go to the email body and paste it with Ctrl-V like you would with any text. That's all there is to it!

Instant share pop-up

Right after you finish with a brilliant victory, Fritz 18 will congratulate you and ask you if you want to share your win. It will immediately jump to the step below with Direct Share. you can use this right now, or you can use the Direct Share at any time.

Using Fritz 18's Direct Share

You can also use the many sharing methods inside of Fritz 18 itself. With the game open in the program, go to File -> Share -> Direct Share

The just click Ok, as the default choice is the correct

It will automatically publish the game online with a link. You can of course copy and send this link, but if you got this far, you can just click on the @email button at the bottom

and then fill out the email to submit it.

You can also share your game using the numerous other options such as Facebook, Twitter, or other.

We look forward to your games!

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