Is Miaoyi Lu the next Hou Yifan?

by André Schulz
3/16/2020 – Miaoyi Lu might be a name well worth remembering. The Chinese player was born in 2010 but is already surprisingly strong. In March, she won a women's grandmaster tournament in Belgrade and that was not her first success — and will probably not be her last. | Photo: David Halter (

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A 9-year old rising fast!

The recent results of Lu Miaoyi have caused a lot of attention. The Chinese girl was born in 2010 and is (most likely) only nine years old but she still managed to finish 9th at the Liberec Open in the Czech Republic.

Final standings (top 25)

Rk. Name Pts.  Tb1 
1 Priasmoro Novendra 8,5 49,0
2 Kulon Klaudia 7,0 49,5
3 Sernecki Franciszek 7,0 48,0
4 Akash G 7,0 47,0
5 Arfan Aditya Bagus 6,5 45,5
6 Belaska Premysl 6,5 44,0
7 Bindrich Oswald 6,5 40,0
8 Kucera Petr 6,0 48,0
9 Lu Miaoyi 6,0 45,5
10 Pawicka Magdalena 6,0 45,0
11 Nehyba Martin 6,0 45,0
12 Valenta Vit 6,0 44,0
13 Paldus Petr 6,0 41,0
14 Kucera Jaroslav 6,0 39,5
15 Bradac Daniel 5,5 46,5
16 Cakl Zdenek 5,5 42,5
17 Korniichuk Oleksandra 5,5 42,0
18 Meszaros Ludek 5,5 40,0
19 Korosciel Aneta 5,5 40,0
20 Dambrauskas Virginijus 5,0 50,5
21 Nomin-Erdene Davaademberel 5,0 46,0
22 Moravec Vit 5,0 44,0
23 Lye Sverre 5,0 41,5
24 Mazurek Bartosz 5,0 41,5
25 Muller David 5,0 41,0

A great success, of course, but it gets even better. At the 52nd Medjunarodni Velemajstorski Turnir Sahistkinja in Belgrade, which just ended (3rd to 11th of March) she finished first, a full point ahead of fellow Chinese player Xu Yuanyuan who is nominally 350 Elo-points better than Lu Miaoyi.

Lu Miaoyi did not lose a single game in Belgrade but scored four wins and finished with a rating-performance of almost 2400.

Final standings

Rk. Name Pts.  Tb1 
1 Lu Miaoyi 6,5 0,0
2 Xu Yuanyuan 5,5 0,0
3 Eric Jovana 5,0 0,0
4 Benderac Ana 4,5 2,0
5 Cvitan Ena 4,5 1,5
6 Lehaci Miruna-Daria 4,5 1,5
7 Maisuradze Nino 4,5 1,0
8 Dimitrova Aleksandra 4,0 0,0
9 Chelushkina Irina 3,5 0,0
10 Nestorovic Katarina 2,5 0,0



Last summer, at the Philadelphia Open in the USA, the young Chinese also caused a minor sensation by finishing third in her group, winning USD $1,600. Moreover, she played more moves than any other participant, on average 72 moves per game. Her longest game (a draw) even lasted 172 moves, as David Halter reported to the USCF.

Translation from German: Arne Kaehler



André Schulz started working for ChessBase in 1991 and is an editor of ChessBase News.


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Lavanda Lavanda 3/17/2020 02:33
@pelatnas2019, interesting information, thanks!
Pionki Pionki 3/17/2020 09:19
Who was Hou Yifan?
KingZor KingZor 3/17/2020 04:03
A kid with this much talent has unlimited potential. She should follow the example of Judit Polgar and stay out of female-only events. It will only hold her back.
pelatnas2019 pelatnas2019 3/17/2020 02:22
Hi Andre, just adding information for your article. WGM Xu Yuanyuan is her mother, who helping and accompanying Miaoyi anywhere. I first met this family in the Asian junior championship in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, in 2018. Means Miaoyi is only 7-8 years old, but dares to play under the age of 20. And the results were also fairly good, ranking 12th out of 32 participants with 5 point!

BTW in Liberec Open 2020, Lu Miaoyi also won the blitz event with 9,5 point from 11 rounds. Here is the link:

I was in Liberec too, brought my player IM Novendra Priasmoro who won Liberec Open 2020!
chessdrummer chessdrummer 3/16/2020 06:53
Just another one of those underrated Chinese coming out of nowhere. They have an unlimited supply.
SeniorPatzer SeniorPatzer 3/16/2020 04:12
She could be the next Judit Polgar and beyond!