Wijk aan Zee: once more with feeling

by ChessBase
2/19/2005 – Remember the Corus tournament in Wijk aan Zee? This exciting event took place in January and spawned no less than fifteen densely illustrated reports on our chess news site. Today we return one more time to show you some extraordinary pictures taken by Dutch chess fan Siep Korteling. They include some startlying effects you shouldn't miss.

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Siep Korteling, 42, tells us how he came to take these pictures: "A friend invited me to come along to visit the Corus Chess tournament. Okay, I thought, I have never been there, and although I'm not an active chessplayer anymore (I switched to composing checker problems), Wijk aan Zee was on my list of things-to-do. I'm not a photographer – I wouldn't even call it a hobby. But just before we got in the car I decided to grab my girlfriend's brandnew camera. It turned out to be an awesome instrument. I just held the thing as steady as I could, zoomed in and clicked. Wijk aan Zee turned out to be something I should have done earlier and more often. It's not just the top players, there are 1300 people playing, talking, breathing and sweating chess. And there is Hans Ree. And pea soup."

In the following selection there are a few which contain a special effect. If you move your mouse cursor over the pictures it will change, producing a tiny animation of the image. We did this in cases where Siep had taken two pictures in quick succession. The pictures are marked "mouse over".

Siep's Wijk aan Zee impressions

Bianca Mühren in her round one game against Natalia Zhukova

Oops, she has spotted something nasty

26-year-old Dutch IM Sipke Ernst (mouse over)

Cuban GM Lazaro Bruzon (mouse over)

Loek van Wely pushing in his final round game against Nigel Short

A distraught Nigel Short after losing that game

The other "Brit" Michael Adams, who finished at plus one

Danish GM Peter Heine Nielsen surfing after a game

17-year-old Dutch hopeful Daniel Stellwagen (mouse over)

Norwegian boy wonder Magnus Carlsen (mouse over)

Reigning wormen's world champion Antoaneta Stefanova (mouse over)

Antoaneta Stefanova and Alexandra Kosteniuk analysing their drawn encounter

A touch of colour – Antoaneta in the press room

Sergey Karjakin, 15, winner of Group B (mouse over)

Super-strong IM Erwin l'Ami, who narrowly missed his GM-norm

GM Harman Jonkman, who maintains our chess calendar

Natalia Zhukova, with Tea Bosboom Lanchava in the background

Judit Polgar deep in thought

Zeinab Mamedjarova of Azerbaijan

Manuel Bosboom (not the husband of Tea)

Frederic Friedel working in the press room

The two Freds – Friedel and Lucas – discussing pictures and photography


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