Why you need a modern approach against the Sicilian

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2/5/2020 – Do you lack the time to follow the latest and most aggressive developments in the main lines of the Sicilian but still want to be able to obtain comfortable positions with White? With its solid but venomous main and sidelines, the Rossolimo Variation is just the ticket, and GM Jan Werle's new video series will bring you up to date. Here are some contemporary examples from Caruana, Anand, Giri and Smeets.

A modern approach against the Sicilian Vol.1: The Rossolimo Variation A modern approach against the Sicilian Vol.1: The Rossolimo Variation

This DVD will show you dangerous new sidelines that are ideal for combatting the Sicilian after 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5, with your author giving you the positional ideas behind less well-trodden Sicilian paths that avoid the main and winding main lines.


A sideline with a main line reputation

Playing with White after 1.e4 against the Sicilian defence is not always a pleasure. If you want to play for an advantage, you have to be very familiar with systems as varied as the Najdorf variant, the Dragon, the Scheveningen, Sveshnikov and Kalashnikov and more, as you will encounter specialists of in these systems at all levels.

How much easier is it to do without 3.d4 and instead put your own stamp on the game with an early deviation. The move 3.b5 has established itself as a very useful weapon and it's adaptable — you can play 1.e4 c5 2.f3 c6 3.b5 or 1.e4 c5 2.f3 d6 3.b5

Thirty years ago, 3.d4 was virtually obligatory in response to the Sicilian defense, but 3.b5 is now also considered a fully-viable alternative essayed by the players of the highest calibre including World Champion Magnus Carlsen who used the opening several times during the last World Championship match in London in 2018. 

FritzTrainer menu

The FritzTrainer menu

Jan Werle presents his own ideas on 3.b5 after either 2...c6 or 2...d6 on two new FritzTrainer volumes and also suggests some devious and fresh novelties.  

Just how highly 3.b5 scores is shown by some contemporary GM games from recent tournaments:


Werle FritzTrainer

Pairs well with the new Powerbook 2020 and Powerbase 2020 updates!

Rossolimo-Moscow Powerbook 2020

The greater part of the material on which the Rossolimo/Moscow Powerbook 2020 is based comes from the engine room of playchess.com: 226.000 games. This imposing amount is supplemented by some 25 000 games from Mega and from Correspondence Chess.

Rossolimo-Moscow Powerbase 2020

The Rossolimo-Moscow Powerbase 2020 is a database and contains a total of 8111 games from Mega 2020 or the Correspondence Database 2020, of which 575 are annotated.

Translation from German: Macauley Peterson

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