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4/16/2021 – The Dutch IM Robert Ris loves sharp play and he loves to play gambits. In a recent article in the ChessBase Magazine Ris talked about the pros and cons of a "new" gambit against the Classical Sicilian. "Wait a minute," German Grandmaster Stefan Kindermann (pictured) thought, when he read the article. "Didn't I play that back in 1978?"

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Some of these opening proposals are solid and safe, but you also find interesting, double-edged gambits.

Robert Ris recently presented such a gambit: 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 d6 6. Nd5!?


But can White really play this way – moving the knight twice before completing his development and neglecting to defend e4?

At any rate, some strong players, including Jorden van Foreest and Alexey Shirov, have recently made use of this idea in various online tournaments and achieved some success with it.

The ChessBase Magazine editorial team now had the idea that the authors of opening contributions should put their proposals to the test by taking part in a thematic tournament against ChessBase Magazine subscribers. "Play the Author" is the motto.

Robert Ris was the first who dared to walk the talk and his score of seven out of seven in the first such tournament showed that the Dutch IM and chess trainer knows what he is talking about.

Play the author - Thematic tournament with Robert Ris...

"Wait a minute," thought German GM Stefan Kindermann, when he read about the tournament on ChessBase. "Isn't that my gambit?" Indeed it is! In 1978 Stefan Kindermann had the idea for this gambit and he tried it in a game against Richard Schreiner – the first recorded game with the move 6.Nd5!?.


Kindermann also showed the idea and key variations of this line to his girlfriend Barbara Hund, who then tried it out with success (1.5 out of 2) at the 1978 Chess Olympiad in Buenos Aires and at the Women's Interzonal 1979 in Rio de Janeiro.


After that, the Kindermann Gambit gradually fell into oblivion and has now been rediscovered by a new generation of players, many of whom were not even born yet in 1978. 


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