What to do against 1.d4

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6/19/2020 – Some players have difficulties to find a solid repertoire against 1.d4. IM Sagar Shah, founder and CEO of ChessBase India, has some advice. In his series "Improve your chess openings" on the YouTube channel of ChessBase India, he takes a look at a number of different openings. Here's an example you can replay in full: A repertoire for Black against 1.d4, based on the Nimzo-Indian. The session is an hour and a half long, and completely free. Try it and get better!

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You can watch the following video to learn the most important ideas and patters about the Nimzo-Indian. But Sagar Shah has also covered several other openings like the Queen's Gambit Declined, the Benko Gambit, the Bogo-Indian, and structures with d4 - d6.

Watch and learn! The 1½-hour session IM Sagar Shah conducted on Saturday, June 6th, 2020.

If you beome interested in developing your repertoire with Black against 1.d4 further, check out the Fritztrainers in the ChessBase Shop:

Apart from the above examples you will find many more Fritztrainer on the subject in the ChessBase Shop:

1. A strategic weapon against 1.d4: The Queen's Indian Defense by Viktor Bologan
2. King's Indian: A modern approach by Viktor Bologan
3. The Semi Slav by Peter Heine Nielsen
4. The Ragozin Defense by Alejandro Ramirez
5. The Blumenfeld Gambit - A sharp weapon in the Benoni by Andrew Martin
6. The solid Slav Defence by Nicholas Pert
7. The Dutch Stonewall- A fighting repertoire against 1.d4 by Erwin L'Ami
8. The Tactical Chigorin by Simon Williams
9. The Beasty Botvinnik Variation in the Semi-Slav! by Erwin l'Ami
10. A lifetime repertoire against 1.d4 -Play the Nimzo by Kasimdzhanov
11. Bulletproof repertoire against 1.d4 (pack of 6 by l'Ami, King, Kasimdzhanov)
12. The Amazing Albin Counter-Gambit by Lawrence Trent
13. The Vienna variation - a reliable and ambitious variation by Pelletier
14. The aggressive Classical Dutch by Nick Pert
15. The Anti-London System
16. Queen's Indian Defence - The Modern Approach by Sergei Tiviakov
17. The Benko Gambit Explained By Erwin l'Ami
18. Rustam Kasimdzhanov: The Benoni is back in business
19. A lifetime repertoire: play the Nimzo Indian by Rustam Kasimdzhanov And Rustam Kasimdzhanov: The Benoni is back in business (Combo)
20. Tactic Toolbox Semi-Slav with 5.Bg5 by Robert Ris
21. Erwin l’Ami: The Tarrasch Defence - A complete repertoire against 1.d4, 1.c4 and 1.Nf3
22. Fundamentals of Chess Opening By Qiyu Zhou

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