What is the world of chess coming to?

by ChessBase
6/29/2005 – The new European Women's Champion is 15-year-old Kateryna Lahno, 15-year-old Karjakin leads the men's European Championships in Warsaw, Michael Adams was annihilated by the Dubai-based Hydra Chess Program and John Shaw could not beat a young girl in the endgame. Shaw and Aagaard lament.

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In the time of need Glasgow 3rd Floor Chess Radio will be there!

For all old chess players (16 and beyond) this is the show that will inform you of the future currently overtaking the present. The new European Women's Champion is 15-year-old Kateryna Lahno, while 15-year-old Karjakin leads the men's European Championships in Warsaw. Michael Adams was entirely annihilated by the Dubai based Hydra Chess Program and John Shaw cannot beat a young girl with a rook on the 7th, bishop vs. knight and a pawn up in his favourite phase of the game, the endgame.

With the world falling apart around us, at least Glasgow 3rd Floor Chess Radio is here, ready to come out your broadband Wednesday Evening 20.30 Central European Time.

NB: For those who heard Jacob Aagaard being sent to bed at the end of last weeks show, here is a photo of Mrs Aagaard, Anne Madsen, in her favourite position – on a mountain bike. Please note the position of her left foot, which does not match up with the click-pedals. It is a shame the photographer did not get a shot of the collision with the tree as well...

The Radio ChessBase lectures by Aagaard and Shaw begin every Wednesday at 20:30h CEST (European Central time = server time, which translates to 19:30h GMT, 2:30 p.m. New York, 04:30 a.m. Sydney (on Thursday). You can use Fritz or any Fritz-compatible program (Shredder, Junior, Tiger, Hiarcs) to follow the lectures, or download a free trial client.

Glasgow 3rd floor Chess Radio

From a home studio in Glasgow, International Master Jacob Aagaard and IM John Shaw will comment on recent and past chess events in a weekly Radio Show on the ChessBase server. The show runs on Wednesdays at 20:30 server time (20.30h CET, 18.30h GMT, 13.30 US East Coast time).

IM Jacob Aagaard is one of the best known chess writers. His personal favourites among his own works are Excelling at Chess Calculation and Excelling at Technical Chess, both published by Everyman Chess, as well as Experts vs. the Sicilian by Quality Chess Europe and Attacking Chess 1&2 (CDs) by Chessbase. Jacob has in 2004 made three GM norms and hopes to gain the necessary 50 Elo points for the GM title in 2005.

IM John Shaw has written two books for Everyman Chess and co-edited Experts vs. the Sicilian. He has represented Scotland on many occasions, recently in the Olympiad in Calvià, where he obtained his second GM-norm. As John has once had 2500 in Elo, it is his hope that he will complete his Grandmaster title in 2005 with a third GM-norm.

Together with Jacob, John constitutes two thirds of the new chess publisher Quality Chess Europe which has published Experts vs. the Sicilian (Not a good, but a very good book with many interesting suggestions – Nigel Short and Learn from the Legends – Chess Champions at their Best by Romanian GM Mihail Marin, of which Jonathan Rowson wrote the following in New in Chess 1/2005. "It must be a strong candidate for any existing book of the year award, and if it doesn't win any, someone should create a new award so that the book's quality is properly acknowledged."

On recent training DVDs IM Jacob Aagaard uses our new Chess Media System to teach the most important principles of positional play. His DVD lectures deal with weak squares, good and bad pieces, prophylaxis, pawn weaknesses, and much, much more. They are concepts which belong in the toolbox of every chess player. The lectures are followed by exercises, in which you have to look for solutions yourself. There are hours of high class video training on each DVD. Price: € 29.99.

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