Wednesday night: The Battle of the Great 'K's

9/30/2009 – Bulgarian FIDE master Valeri Lilov, rated 2411, starts a weekly show on Playchess. On Wednesday at 20:00h CEST (7 p.m. London, 2 p.m. NY), he will be discussing the most interesting games from the great players. This time he will focus on the most interesting duel in the history – the matches between Kasparov and Karpov. Take a look, it's free.

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Karpov and Kasparov's epic 1984-1985 battle for world chess supremacy is fondly celebrated as a chess classic, and it was even seen as a harbinger of the collapse of communism. It was now celebrated in an anniversary rematch in the Spanish city of Valencia. But 25 years ago, the match, which included a record 40 drawn games, was often regarded as tedious and was even jeered and booed by frustrated spectators. When the Guardian's chess correspondent Leonard Barden reviewed the longest-running world championship chess match, the headline was "The bored game to end them all".

Sounding almost as exhausted as Karpov, who lost 8 kg during the match, Barden wrote: "Proclaimed the chess match of the year, it was a bore for long periods ... Anatoly Karpov, classical stylist, and Garry Kasparov, young dynamic risk-taker, just didn't gel at the board."

In this episode of the Tiger Lilov's Chess Show, titled "The Battle of the Great 'K's", FM Valeri Lilov will reveal to his audience some of the most beautiful and exciting moments from the games of the two chess giants. Come Wednesday night, enjoy the games of the tigers or visit for more information!

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