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by Frederic Friedel
11/21/2021 – Sometimes watching a game of chess is inspiring – and instructive. A recent blitz game between two hot Indian talents will illustrate this. The second part of this game, which has an interesting underpomotion, was recorded, and commented on by IM Sagar Shah of ChessBase India. We have added a replay board on which you can analyse yourself. A most enjoyable way to improve your skill, don't you think?

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Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu (16-year-old grandmaster with the impossibly long name) and eighteen-year-old Arjun Erigaisi, who is currently displaying some remarkable skills, are two of India's biggest talents. They played against each other in the second round of the Tata Steel Chess India Rapid 2021.

The young grandmasters reached a rook endgame which seemed would end in a draw. But both of them wanted to go on playing. They continued posing questions to their opponent, and as the game moved on they reached an amazing endgame! IM Sagar Shah commentates on this game. Going over the video is not just a thrilling experience for the viewer but will also help you to become a stronger chess player!

The Video: ChessBase India #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #TschessInida2021

If you have any questions – we had a number when watching the game – you can find the answers on our replay board below. Simply switch on the attached engine (fan icon) and enter "what-if" or "why-not" move on the board. The engine will quickly give you the answers.


Arjun Erigaisi won the Tata Steel Chess India Rapid 2021. He did so by holding an extremely difficult endgame against Levon Aronian. Sagar had Vishy Anand in the live commentary room. The five-time World Champion along with Tania and Sagar felt that Arjun's position was hopeless. But the youngster from Warangal was looking at things in a deeper light. He found a series of unbelievably accurate moves which helped him to hold Levon and win the tournament. Sagar brings you that critical moment and breaks down the analysis.

And here is the game on an engine-equipped replayer for you to analyse:


Arjun Erigaisi about to earn his career’s biggest triumph so far | Photo: Lennart Ootes

If you enjoyed the above videos, there are plenty more on ChessBase India's YouTube channel. You can also watch entire rounds of the current Tata Steel event. Sagar discusses the rounds with the likes of Vishy Anand and Tania Sachdev. Some of the video reports are 4½ to 6½ hours long and have been watched by around 170,000 viewers.

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CapaBobby CapaBobby 11/22/2021 08:11
Therefore: after the arbiters (shamefully struggled to) reset the clock, Prag made another illegal move (Rc5) instead of a King move. I'm very surprised not only that one GM made such an elementary mistake (Prag), but also that Arjun didn't claim the second illegal move and let Prag get away with not moving his King.
CapaBobby CapaBobby 11/22/2021 08:01
FIDE's Laws of Chess:

Article 4: The act of moving the pieces

4.4 If a player having the move:
c. intending to castle, touches the king or king and rook at the same time, but castling on that side is illegal, the player must make another legal move with his king (which may include castling on the other side). If the king has no legal move, the player is free to make any legal move
CapaBobby CapaBobby 11/22/2021 07:58
After the illegal move, shouldn't Prag have moved the King still, since he touched the King to castle (illegally), but he touched the King nonetheless?