Washington Square Park simul given by – an AMP can

by ChessBase
10/13/2009 – AMP is an energy drink distributed by PepsiCo under the Mountain Dew brand. The makers have launched a campaign where a person wearing an AMP can costume challenges athletes to a game of whatever they are good at. Recently it was chess, in a well-known hustler's paradise. The AMP can man – obviously a disguised grandmaster – gave a ten-board simul. Anyone know who he was?

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The AMP Can Simul

We received the pointer from Mutaurwa Mapondera, Lead Producer/Associate Creative Director at pLot, who wrote: "My company recently completed filming a chess-based stunt in Washington Square Park featuring a grandmaster. We filmed our grandmaster – who will for now remain anonymous – playing three different simuls against the best that the Washington Square Park hustler scene had to offer. The spectacle that ensued had to be witnessed to be believed. We created this online spot and I would greatly appreciate it if you would publish it.

AMP (formerly Mountain Dew AMP) is an energy drink distributed by PepsiCo

The AMP Can man comes to Washington Square Park and challenges the players there. Mutaurwa Mapondera wants our readers to guess who the player is beneath the promotional can. We assume he will reveal the identity in the course of time.

The AMP Can Washington Square Park simultaneous exhibition

The same company also engineered a basketball stunt at Rucker Park, a famous basketball court in Manhattan where people achieve a level of fame for their basketball abilities, with several going on to play in the NBA.

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