Want to know what they're saying about Judit Polgar?

by ChessBase
7/27/2003 – Four days ago she celebrated her 27th birthday. After our story about the world's strongest female player appeared we received hundreds and hundreds of letters congratulating her. All were dutifully passed on to the much-admired young lady. Here are a few samples for you to enjoy.

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Happy Birthday Judit!

Aslam Shirawala, Ahmedabad, India
Happy Birthday Judit, from whole world. Ur beautiful with extraordinari mind. What is a secret of yor beauty and beautiful mind?

Jaime Garza, Mexico
Yo quiero felicitarte, no solo por tu cumpleaños, sino por tus grandes logros en el ajedrez y decirte que eres muy talentosa y que gracias a tu empeño has llegado hasta una gran posicion y si sigues en tu preparacion pronto vas a lograr tu objetivo que es el de lograr la oportunidad de disputar el campeonato mundial. Felicidades y adelante.

Anees Darbari, Kadapa, India
Happy birthe day mam, iam ur big fan. Ur a great example for women power in chess world.

Chris, Quebec, Canada
Happy Birthday Judit! Have success in whatever you do and, of course, in chess! You're my idol since 1995, the year i started to play chess (1750-1800 FQE, approx 1850 CFC) not very high, but i hope i will reach 2000.. Bonne fête encore! (happy birthday again! in french)

Alan Hartley, Portland, Oregon, USA
Happy birthday Judit! I read the contents of this Chessbase article to my twin daughters, and because the article was about you, they actually listened. If your father wants any more students, please let us know! P.S. Athena and Anastasia want me to ask you if you like cheese.

Tony Dowden, New Zealand
Have a Happy Birthday!! Maybe these birthday greetings come to you from the farthest distance?! [Dunedin, New Zealand] I very much enjoyed reading Frederic's appreciation on you and your family on the ChessBase website. Maybe we will see photos of you with a white rat on your shoulder while playing Kasparov or Ivanchuk??? (Their reactions would be priceless ...) I recently enjoyed watching you play at the Bled Olympiad last year (I was meant to be playing games for NZD but the super GM games were distracting!) Sorry I was too shy to say hello. I also enjoyed watching Garry 'pull faces' (grimace) while dismembering his opponents!All the best for a great year :) Tony (NZ master & FIDE 2210) & Marina Dowden (my non-playing wife)

Manuel Glave, Lima, Peru
Recibe un cordial saludo desde esta tierra de los Andes, siempre con la esperanza de que vuelvas otra vez por aquí (con Amazonas incluido!). Mucha suerte en todo y ... go beat them all! Manuel, past president of the Peruvian Chess Federation

Eizran, Ezra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
As you know , chess in Malaysia is not terribly popular as in those countries like USA or Europe . But thanks to the chessbase , i get to know that today is your birthday . Not much to be said , but currently i am putting you and Katreyna Lahno on my favourite female chess players . So all the best in the up coming years

Roberto Yepez, Tabasco, Mexico
Hola! Te deceo, que sigas teniendo tu gran energia para seguir siendo la mejor del mundo, ya que siempre sere tu fan,seguire torneo a torneo tu arte en el tablero,aqui en Mexico siempre seras bien recibida. Gracias por tus enseñanzas Judit, esperamos verte muy pronto.

Anibal Lopez Lenci, Peru
Feliz cumpleaños Judit. Eres una gran persona y muy simpàtica. Me tomè una foto contigo cuando nos visitaste en 1999, y la guardo como algo muy preciado. Me gustarìa enviarte esas fotos, pero no sè tu correo. por favor envìamelo. diòs y felicidades.

Avigdor and Yehuda Meyerowitz, Jerusalem, Israel
i have a seven year old son who is a very promising chess player. You are his role model and he always follows your games and progress. He (and i) cannot wait for you to reach No.1. For us you always will be! If you could possibly give him a small bit of advice for his progress he would greatly appreciate it.

Phillip Flores, Sydney, Australia
Just wishing you all the best on your birthday and may you add more ELO points to your rating! It's really great what you and your sisters have done for women's chess. I have two daughters aged 10 and 8 and are starting to play chess. The younger one spends her time playing with Fritz and Chester while the older one tries her skill against Fritz 7.

Nelson Nipal, Philadelphia USA
We love u Judith I am your fans , Happy Birthday ,more power and may the force be with u , may u have more wins to come :-)

Jedi Salimbagat, Davao City, Philippines
Happy birthday Judit! I wish you will become World Champion someday. You know, you are so beautiful !

Dave Smith, Cork, Ireland
Best wishes from Ireland. Thank you for the many hours of pleasure I hane taken from playing through your games.

Ariella Adames, Dominican Republic
Hi Gudit! I wish you have had a really good time in your birthday. Hope that Gods Fills you with bless. You took a picture with me at the Olympiads of Bled. Im a fan that apprecciates you very much.

Bhushan Singh, Philadelphia, PA, USA
All the best, this and the next year. Would love to see you decimate, Deep Junior.

Valerio Di Fonzo, Milano, Italy
I am an italian player rated 2200 FIDE and I have studied many of your great games. I really like your fighting spirit. I hope you can still improve your rating, the stronger you are the better it is!

Endre Horváth, Baja, Magyarország
Sok boldogságot kívánok!

Terry Trotter, El Salvador
Felicidades en tu cumpleaños, de El Salvador!

Peter McConnell, Tamworth, England
I wish you long life and happiness, and may your chess continue to blossom just like you have. All the best in chess and in life. Many happy returns.

Steven Monarrez, Mexico
Happy Birthday Judit, my name is Steven Monarrez, 26 years old. I am just a latin fan of you!, hope some day we can play a game at least on internet, keep playing like that,

Yuri Wijting, Rotterdam, Netherlands
I wish you a prosperous and happy year. Even though you aren't among my model players, since you don't open with 1.d4 or defend against 1.e4 with 1. ..c6, I still go over your games with great fascination and awe. Your games seldom disappoint and I find great pleasure in seeing as the moves unfold on my board your tenacity and fighting spirit. Simply lovely! Each time I find an annotated game of Judit Polgar, I always make it a point to go over it because most of the time there is something there that I can really learn from and I try hard to see what you see (which happens occasionally :-))

Ferdi Sert, Istanbul, Turkey
Happy Happy Happy Birthday Judith. I hope YOU will raise to what you want. If we will again be on earth after dead, I want you to marrýed wýth me.

Confesor Valentin, Lowell, Massachusettes
Happy Birthday Judit, i know that i would lose every game to you. looking at your beautiful face and imagining making love to you is a no win situation. anyway sexy lady, be good and don't break too many hearts.

Dominic Sciarrtta, Clearwater Florida
Dear GM Judit You are simply amazing! Many wishes for many more years of successful top flight chess in your career. P.S. I still think Kasparov touched the knight

Ron Hermansen, West Hills, USA
I love your style! We played chess once on Kasparov.com. I woke up at 4am for a chance to play you and it was a pleasure to play you. Congratulations on your continued success! I see you are on the cover of the recent NIC yearbook (great picture!), and great game.

Alvaro Garcia, Colombia, Canada
Felicitaciones Judith! Eres una extraordinaria persona, mujer y ajedrecista. Felicidades.

Ben Gross, East Lansing, MI, USA
You are an amazing chess player! I have played the game for almost 10 years now and have a rating of about 1500 even though I practice and play on a daily basis....how on earth do you do it?!? Has anyone approached you about possibly playing a match against a unified men's world champion? I think that would be wonderful publicity for the chess world, and hope it happens someday.

Rafa Casani, Valencia, Spain
Well done, Judit!! Keep up the good work! Next step is not no. ten in the world but no. 1

Tahir Khan, Karachi, Pakistan
Dear Judit, We wish you a very Happy (19th)Birthday. We have seen you grow more & more pretty over the years. And we KNOW that the person in you is even more beautiful than the chessplayer! That is all that matters. Lots of Love, Tahir & Kashmala and the kids

Michael Adamson, Lexington, Virginia USA
Thanks for all your hard work. You are an inspiration and a joy.

Eric Fitch, New Orleans US
Happy B-Day Judit. You're still so young. Remember, most chess players peak sometime in their 30's, so you will only get better. : )

Steven Kawuma, Kampala, Uganda
U're one in a million!

James, Stack, Atlanta, USA
I know this is a day late. But, I didn't know I would be able to send you a happy birthday wish until I finished the article about you published on chessbase. So happy birthday. Also, I like to say I love playing through your games. They give me a lot of pleasure.

Antonio Cerina, Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy
With great Pleasure i want to send to you my great best wishes of Happy Birthday. I Hope that you will can have a lot of sucess for a very long time yet! I Hope that you will be World Champion Absolute in future.In any case you're my favourite chess-player in the world because my philosophy of life is very near to you.I've already speak with your sister Sofi, she is very kind and great! I Take the occasion to send a great friendship greeting to her with Zsuasa too. I Hope to see you in Mallorca in 2004

Rabbi Sacha Pecaric, Krakow
Mazel Tov. Till hundred and twenty.

Victor Zucarino, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I send sincere votes to you in this special day. Happy birthday and congratulations for your excellent chess!

Santiago Gallego, España
¡Muchas felicidades! Y, por favor, no cambies jamás tu forma de entender el ajedrez, nos dejarías huérfanos de un espectáculo semejante. Gracias a ello, desde hace tiempo pasaste a ser una leyenda siempreviva de este laberinto maravilloso que es el mundo de los 64 escaques. Reitero ¡Muchas Felicidades! y un millón de gracias.

Jean-Marie Durandeau, Cannes, France
Happy birthday Judit! I am twelve years old and only 1710 elo, exactly one thousand less than Judit...Of course, i hope one day play with an elo about 2500 but it's a very long way... I Love Judith who is the best player in the world. Many kisses and i dream to see you in Cannes or Nice a day

Moreno, Romagnoli, Rome, Italy
I am a musician and i Love chess, I have always been your fan and I have always followed yours games tournaments all around the world. Your are the unique and the best chess player in the world, and even..the most beautiful woman in the chess world! I wish you all the best for your future. When you will visit our marvellous city of Rome? In this case, please contact me! I will be your personal guide!

Perry Youngworth, Riverside, USA
Congratulations Judit, Ever since you broke on the international chess scene some years ago you have changed people's perception of what women can accomplish in chess. Before you, it seemed that the belief was that women could get very good, but not reach the top levels. But through enormous talent, lots of hard work, and an aggressive playing style, you have completely changed this perception. Not only are you the best female player in history, you are close to being the best player for either gender in the game right now. Good luck to you in your future tournaments and matches and I look forward to seeing you compete in the world championship someday!

Enver Tatlicioglu, Manisa Turkey
i hope you will be the world Champion and number one in men one day. and kaspi will be ashamed of his words. (maybe ashamed also :) )

Moses Rojas, College Park, MD
You have been an inspiration to me for many years now. I am a great fan and expect even greater (the greatest) things from you. Happiest of birthday wishes; I hope someday you will be world champion. Until then, you will always be my champion! p.s.: give vishy what-for!!!

Gary l. Jones, Philadelphia, Pa. USA
You have brought much joy to many around the world. Not only for the chess but for you as a person. Keep doing what you are doing. your games are beautiful and so are you!Hope one day you can visit Phila, Pa. That we may have the opportunity to meet May God`s richest and best be yours.

Roberto Mayor, Cuba
I would like to contacting with you. I am a teacherchess and I feel an especial admiration for you. I will pleasure that you answer me.

Angus Wang, Beijing, China
Hope you will visit China someday. I have your photo in my home and you are the heroes for my son!

Fang Zhang, Belgium
Here I send a very warm congratulation to you: Happy Birthday. Yor are the chess queen since I started to know the game of chess in 1997. One day, I hope you will become a chess king. You have a very inportant place in the history of chess. so, play! play!! and play!!!

Don Pilgrim, Seattle, WA, USA
I want you to know that I practically jumped up and down when I saw the chess magazine on the stand that you had beat Garry K. I was especially elated for I recall either an article or I saw a video of Garry about ten to fifteen years ago of him saying, "No woman could or would ever beat him," or some such statement very close to that." I said to myself, "I hope one day Judit makes him eat his words, this arrogant sob." So double thanks for making my wish come true and may you come to trounce him in a tournament before you hit 30. May you have many extra blessings for this birth year of yours and I apologize I didn't go to the ChessBase site on your birthday so this would have arrived yesterday. Again happy (belated) birthday. PS: I am a student of both tropical and eastern astrology, so if you feel comfortable giving it out, I would like to have the time and place of your birth as of course I already know the date. It is interesting that both you and Garry are fire signs (spirit, vitality) whereas Fischer is a water sign (secretive and emotional) as a dominant factor of his character.

FM Daniel Barria Zuñiga, Valencia, España
excuse. for mi bad english. i am Fide master from chile. and i hope your have an very happy birthday. i think your are an so beatiful women some your games or maybe more. but i dont no why nobady say it in the chessmagazines. but i think so. congratulation and hope you continued play better and better. and i also hope play one day whit you. now its dificult bicouse mi elo is only 2387. but i hope this changes some day. buy and more excuses for may very bad english

Kevin Marrone-Reese, Shepherdstown, WV, USA
Happy Birthday, Judit! You are truly a remarkable woman as well as a remarkable chess player. It is wonderful that you have become such a powerful inspiration to chess players around the world, both men and women. If only I could know you as a friend, but I can at least know of you. Take Care on your special day.

Will Fugate, Bremerton, Washington, USA
Happy Birthday and thanks for all the pleasure I've had following your chess career, rooting for you, and playing over your amazing games! I went to Las Vegas in 1999 mainly to watch you play. When will you publish a "Best Games" collection? Many wishes for your happiness and continued success!

Sergio Zapata, Chile
I'm just an amateur, I played in the school and the university. I know your success since yuo were 12 year old. Of course, you are my favorite woman player after that. Now I'm 36 year old and I'm an engineer, and my job is my priority, but sometimes I play some tournaments in Santiago (the capital of the country). So, it's my pleasure to send you my best regards. Have fun and enjoy this day with the people who loves and care of you.

Gopal Menon, Grayslake, USA
I am a 12 year old male chess fan. I am a huge fan of your games, and my favourite game of yours would have to be Polgar- Shirov 1995. Your pawn and knight sacrifices are very deep and the finishing touch was stupendous! Though instead of Shirov's 14...Ke7, Shirov could have played 14...h6! and in my analysis, would have had good drawing chances. Anyways, I wish you the best for a new year of sucess in chess.

Mauricio, Santiago, Chile
I'a chilean chess journalist. During the last Olympiad I asked you for an interview but you answered me, later! But, happy birthday Judit!

Justin Davis, Napier, New Zealand
Happy Birthday, best wishes to you and your family on your special day. Drop me a line if you happen to get divorced :)

Jorge V. Aceituno M., Mexico City
Dear young girl I admire you too much and I wish you a complete year of happyness. You are an example for many persons in the world. I will be gratefully if you answer me and if is it posible would you send me your autographied photograph.

Gabriel Vallee, Puerto Ordaz, Bolívar
Happy Birthday, Judith You're so beautiful!!

Rudy Tia, Jr. Texas, USA
Happy Birthday Judit. I hope you all the best in chess. I'm am your number 1 fan. I wish to play with you someday in chess and give me some few pointers of how to improve my game. Maybe that's impossible.

Matos, Carlos, Lisbon, Portugal
Happy Birthday Judit!!! In Portuguese: "Feliz Aniversário!!!"I'm 2 days late but still in time to express my wish: I hope that some day you reach number 1

Alcides Fuentes, San Salvador, El Salvador
I am a great admirer his, as much by his beauty as by his great level of game, congratulations

Istvan Bernath, Copenhagen
Boldog szuletesnapot! Sok szeretettel

Allan Foord, Garden City, Michigan, USA
Happy Birthday, Judit, and I hope you have 73 more of them. I also hope you become the first female Champion of the World. I admire you greatly and you ARE great.

Masood Ahmed, Karachi, Pakistan
You are my favorite woman chessplayer in world. Your other sisters are also very good player in chess arena. I see your game which was played against Great Kasparov, and in this game your behaviour is like a "Queen" when Kasparov make a move with own Knight twice. I impress your decent personality. God bless you, and you improve your skill.

Michele De Lillo, Bologna, Italy
Happy birthday! Now, turning 27 yrs old You broke 2700 Elo, for the next year I wish You the same calculation!!! :-))

Qassis Fadi, Palestine
Happy Birthday and best wishes to you from Palestina. All people in Palestina wish to see you and welcome you.

Alvaro Ernesto Muñoz Gallego, Bogotá, Colombia
Judith, Soy un admirador tuyo y de tu juego.Me duele mucho cuando pierdes, pero también disfruto cuando ganas.Me dió mucho gusto cuando le entregaste 2 piezas a Kasparov y tuvo que sacarte tablas por jaque perpetuo y cuando le ganaste fue fantástico, y el que decía que no sabias jugar finales. Le diste una gran lección. Felicitaciones y adelante que puedes llegar aún mucho más lejos.

José Montenegro, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
In all those years you have been a source of both elation & inspiration. Congratulations & many happy returns! May G'd bless & keep you. Shalom uvrakhá!

Bernard Hulst, Leidschendam, Nederland
I hope that one day, you will be the one world chessplayer above all the men. Because you are putting chessplaying for women on the chessmap. Some men say that women cann't play as good as men, but you showed the world that it's possible by beating Gary Casparov more than one time. Allthough he says that he is the best.

Martin Zemanik, Dunajska Streda, Slovakia
I am your big fan and I admire you and wish you all the best. (I wouldn't mind even if you beat Garry, whom I respect a lot and is my favourite chess player) I use to nag ladies, that man have generally for about 100 grams heavier brain than woman and that's why there is no doubt that we have to be more inteligent. But you... ehm, it seems that size doesn't matter :-) (I am just an amateur chessplayer playing sms chess with my friend from university but it is a big fun and relax for me, it's a beautifull game)

Thomas Campbell, Good Hope, Ga, USA
You starting to catch up with the rest of us. You have many admirers and supporters such as me. Although out of you and your sisters I followed Sophia's games the most early on. Good Luck in all you do and one day I am sure you will achieve all your goals.

Ignacio Fonseca, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
I wish you a verry happy birthday and in the forthcoming I wish you keep rising in your chess play and as a brigh mother and wife.

Larry S. Tamarkin, Levittown, NY, USA
Happy Happy birthday dear Judith; You and your two sisters are the breath of fresh air that World & especially American chess needs to progress over the sad taste of the loss of Robert James Fischer. With you guys playing this sport, there is a even more wonderful future for chess in the so-called main-line media, especially here in the USA. I hope that one day you will represent America, just as sister Susan is so elaquantly doing now!

Rich Van Riper, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
You've accomplished so much and you are a shining example to many other young ladies who aspire to play chess well. Keep up your winning ways in chess and have a wonderful family. Keep your husband happy, have many children and win the world championship in chess.

Steve Bartolomucci, Montreal, Canada
Happy birthday Judit,wishing you all the best.You should be proud of yourself.You are a tremendous player and you are only going to get better.Continue with chess and don't let anyone get in your way. P.S. Is it possible to get a picture of you signed.It would be nice.Well email me back if you get a chance I know you are busy.But anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY and good luck. :)

George Mattaway, NY, NY, USA
I wish you a happy happy birthday and look forward to playing you again in your next simul at the Polgar Chess Club in NYC. I have been slaughtered by Susan,Sophia anbd yourself in previous simuls and enjoyed every minute of play. I also had the honor of meeting your father at the Club. Please send him my warmest regards.

Vishal Lama, New Delhi, India
Many Happy Returns of the day! I wish you the best in life and loads of Happiness and Joy in years to come. You have been my greatest inspiration in chess and though I am a patzer, I am always going to try my best to play the way you do -aggresively and brilliantly!

George Mattaway, New York, NY, USA
I have played you and your sisters in simals at the Polgar Chess Club in NYC and been slaughtered by all three of you. It truly was a pleasure to play you. I also had the privilage of meeting your father also at the club. The Polgar family is in my opinion the best thing that has happened to the world of chess in the past fifty years. Happy happy Birthday. I look forward to seeing you whenyou next come to NYC. George Mattaway.

Ted Robbins, Toronto
Good luck figuring out Anands antics!! Old buds or not, I hope you crush him!

Rev. Jon Timmons, Montana, USA
You're quite a player; hope you have a great day and many, many more not just playing chess but with your life in general. Looks like you have a close family and that's good.

Bill and Mona Haseltine, North Haven, CT, USA
My wife and I want to wish you a very happy Birthday! We hope it is extremely special and memorable. We were anxiously waiting for the day you would beat Garri after he took back that move many years ago. We were ecstatic and jumped for joy when you officially crushed him over the board! Our sincerest congratulations on this wonderful achievement and all of your other amazing accomplishments! You've made many admirers, especially among women throughout the World, so proud of your talent. (Personally, I think you are extraspecial because you were born in the same month as my wife, Mona. She was born on July 14, 1967. I am sure your schedule is incredibly filled every moment of every day, but if you get a free second and are able to send a reply, I'm sure Mona would get a real thrill with a birthday greeting from you. She's kind of sad these days as her Mom in the Philippines recently passed away in June). Thanks very much for finding the time to read this. And keep up the great contributions in chess from all your hard work!

Ted Clark, Charles City, Iowa, USA
I am new to the chess world, but am very impressed with all I read of you. Have a wonderful birthday from an adoring fan!

Juan Villagran, Tenerife, España
Te deseo muchas felicidades en tu cumpleaños, deseo que todo lo que emprendas sea coronado con el exito, tu te lo mereces. de un admirador que te admira y quiere mucho.

Wayne Mendryk, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Judith, congratulations on your 27th birthday. I hope you had the best time ever! Thanks for providing chess fans with so many wonderful games over the years which we could both enjoy from an aestetic perspective and learn key ideas about chess from. I admire you so much for your courage,determination and spirit over the board and in life. I was happy to learn you got married and I hope that you and your husband have a lifetime of happiness together. Your chess career has been followed by many of us at the Yahoo groups: Judith Polgar group. Congratulations on beating Kasparov and best wishes for the future in both your chess career and your personal life. One of your sisters has publically stated that you are a very sweet human being,and it is nice to see that you can be both a competitive chess player and such a good role model for the youth of this world (and for adults as well!), in terms of how to interact and treat others. Best wishes to you in the future,

Mehul Gohil, Nairobi, Kenya
I love you very much... I just finished reading da birthday article at chessbase.com and it put a big big smile on my face. It was good to see your happy face in the midst of all this t-rex chess politics we have. If God gary saw da article I am sure he would start crying and shed a canine. I wish you da best 27th birthday Judit. I hope in the next half a decade you can leap into the top five of da world. You are a beautiful woman, and probably one of the most sparkling females in history. It's a good thing you weren't born a man...you would have become a ruthless god like Baku beast gary. Sometimes it isn't worth the masterpieces when there is da smile like yours.

Frank Heriksen, Bodo
Happy Happy Happy Birthday Judith! Wish yo all the best and looking forward to beat Kasp aigain!! Your great!! Best to you from a Norwegian fan!

Alberto, Milan, Italy
If u would come to visit our country , write to me. I should be very happy to visit with u ( and your husband) and my family Milan, Ferrara, Venice all that towns I know and where I lived.

Jeremy Williams, Candler, USA
Hi I am prettie much a extream begginer (taking into the facts that I have olny been playing two or three years) and have tried to studie and rise up like a young Bobby Fischer or the even Quicker Judit Polgar, but alas I havent even come close, because of my expierences so far I have esiley noticed how much talent and dedication that it must have taken and I would just like to say very well done Judit!! And that I am not olny extreamly impressed, but that I know and am eagerly awaiting, within the next few years or so to see the person challenging and being victorious against Kramnik or whoever holds the World Championship bein Judit Polgar, and seeing in my chess magizine "Judit Polgar rips EX world Champion to shreds to become the worlds first women classical chess champion"!!!!

Theoharis Simeonidis, Athens, Greece
Happy birthday, I wish you the best!!!! Hope to see you soon in Halkidiki!!! Kisses from Greece.

Giorgio Gozzi, Modena, Italy
Happy birthday Judith (in late, sorry) I have a great desire to see you play in an italian tournament. For example in the oldest italian chess tournament (Reggio Emilia 45th edition last december) have played all the great chessplayers from Kasparov to Karpov, Anand ecc. We need you! Please tell me if you can partecipate in one of the next edition. I need to know your technical (level of tournament) and economical requests.

Ricardo Sant Ana, Brazil
Congratulations for your birthday, and be happy in life and chess :))) And when you want to relax, come ro Rio de Janeiro :)))

Dr. Janko Bokar, Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA
Happy Birthday to a wonderful person and great chess player!! I wish you all the best and many more successes! I have followed your career from the beginning and I am so happy that you have reached the level that you so much deserve!

Manny Rayner, Sunnyvale, California, USA
Happy birthday Judith! My group at NASA Ames Research Center are all BIG fans... good luck in the coming year!

Ben Magana, Nairobi, Kenya
I have a brother in Carlisle, England, and I urgently want him to buy me Fritz 8 from anywhere in England and have it sent to me in Kenya. I need to begin serious preparation for the 8th All Africa Games in Nigeria in October, as I am part of the Kenya team. Can you thus tell me which of your outlets (full address) where he can wire some money so that the Fritz 8 is sent to me quickly. Thanks. Ben. PS: I'm in the player database, thank you for that, chessbase.

Jose Luis Cuadros Fernandez, Madrid, Spain
There are many beatifull women in the world but only one of then is Judit Polgar ;o)

Razvan Manea, Bucharest, Romania
All the best from this Europe corner, and God bless you to become the first world champion men's section :-).

Vicente Herrasti, Mexico City, Mexico
This birthday wishes are not only from me, but from my two daughters and my stepdaughter (4, 4 and 5 years old), all of which are big fans of yours. They are still learning the basics of the game but, nevertheless we, the adults, decided you are a magnificent role model for the girls, so your picture hangs in their wall.Please receive our best wishes from Mexico. Luisa (5), Diana (4), Sofía (4) and Vicente (36)

Ben Finegold, Ann Arbor, USA
A belated happy birthday! I remember when we were not so old! :) (OK, I am still almost 7 years older...) Some of the pics on ChessBase are great.....reminds me of the old days.

Peter Trier, Fredericia, Denmark
Good luck with your future on the chess arena and I hope some day, you will three opponettes in the future! No. 1 - Will be the first woman in the history as World Champion in few years in both sides (male & female), I believe on 2007 and that will be Kramnik or Anand you beat. No. 2 - You will be the highest chessplayer in the World in rating both as male and female players. No. 3 - You will beat Garry Kasparov and give him an lesson in chess, he not will forget in long time as the best player in the World.

Eng Liong, Liem, Surabaya, Indonesia
I have followed your chess career since you were. I got your game from my sport tabloid. I never interest with woman's chess game except yours. I wish you improve your chess and compete in man championship but don't forget to beat Fritz/Shredder/Junior to prove that the super woman also able to handle the great chess program too. Anyway Happy birthday, wish you luck in your life .....

Glenn Mercier, Las Vegas, NV USA
Happy Birthday Judit! I have been a big fan of yours for a while and admire what you have done for woman in all sports (not just chess). I love to watch and analyze your games, i love your tactical and agressive play! Good luck with all that you choose, and if you ever come to las vegas, make sure to let me know so i can watch you play in person :)

Tero, Tolonen, Tampere
I rarely do congratulate anyone through web-pages, but I just had to! :) It was great to read your rating is improved to 2700+ and I really, really do hope you will beat Garry in some match again relly soon! ;)

Arnold Adou Ondongo, Paris, France
I am an amateur with the plays of echecs; sorry for my English he is not good bus makes some I am French, of African origin!! I just held you to wish you a merry anniversary for your 27ans and to say to you that you are by far with Peter leko my player preferred, I have much admiration for you and I do not hide that I am even a little bit in love of you!Enfin, in short, I especially appreciate you for your great qualities of play and my wish is that you become quite simply championne world by beating the kramnik, leko, anand, kasparov and autres;ce will be first world and I will be the first to congratulate you!! Merry anniversary!!

Chris, North Prairie, WI, USA
The Chessoutpost wishes you a very happy day, and continued success on your brilliant chess career! Your games are inspirational and full of energy and ideas. You are a true asset to the chess world. Best of luck in your upcoming match with Vishy Anand, and we hope you are an integral part of the next championship cycle.

William Hutchison, Waukegan, Illinois, USA
It is a good day to celebrate
The day God blessed the world with you
I appreciate the beauty and the brilliance
God has imparted to you
You shine like a beacon in the night
Your an inspiration to my daughter and I
You help her to see that she can be
Anything she sets her mind to if she believes
In herself and her God given talents
You exemplify beauty and brilliance's balance!!!

Antonio Souza, Blumenau, Brazil
Parabéns Judith!! Como admirador e fã, gostaria de vê-la a cada ano, repetindo suas belas partidas e conquistas brilhantes. E que sua presença seja novamente certa entre os melhores torneios de xadrez internacionais, como o de Linares entre outros. Sem sua presença, tais torneios perdem parte da importãncia.

Samyr Helou Fleury, Goiânia, Brazil
Judit, you don't know me and I knew you a few months ago. I am an chess amateur and a I love to play this game. I just wish success for you and that you and the rest of chess's people work for the growth of it.

Tom Knockaert, Gent, Belgium
What a wonderfull thing it is to have not only female chess players, but also lovely and beautiful female chess players! Best wishes and many more years, sincerely.

Arnold Endthaler, Salzburg, Austria
Best wishes from SC Inter Salzburg and all your fans here! We hope to hear from you or meet you in our famous town someday.

Dr. George Pollak, Hallandale, Fl. USA
I saw you in New York at the N.Y.Open. It was in the 80's. Your Dad chatted with me and told me what has become a mantra: "Watch Judit" (Csom was there too so that will date the event) What was predicted by your dad became a fact.. You're a wonder and hope will continue your fabulous career.

Sidney Johnson, USA
You're a classy lady and I hope you remain interested in chess and continue your asscent to perhaps the world championship.

Paulo Sunao Shintate Junior, Sao Paulo, Brazil
You are the most remarkable woman chessplayer, conquering your place among the imortal ones! Nobody else dared to play against Kasparov without fear like you! You have inspired thousand of chessplayers with your agressive style over the board :-) I hope you be able to be the World Chess Championess, to show to everybody that chess is a kind of Art, so if you study it a lot you can create the most beautiful chess masterpieces like yours :-)

Manish Purandare, Auckland, NZ
Many happy returns of the day. All the best for your duel with Anand. I will be following it over the net.

Djaffer Salim, Algeria
I'm a modest algerian chess player fan of you and shirov for you creative play. I hope you'll become the first woman wins the world title by beating the arrogant Kasparov!I think that you must travel around the world for chess promotion by simul, conferences etc. PLay again in the spirit of our chess magician, "Micha Tal" and dont forgot that you are... Caissa!

Tobias Bende, Gothenburg, Sweden
I am looking forward to following your games in coming tournaments. I think you play some really interesting chess and am eagerly following theoretical updates in your fighting openings.

Raul Rugiero, Italy
I'm very happy to congratulate you. I see you once in Rome when you were very young and your sister Sophia won the tournament with a stellar performance (if I remember correctly 8.5/9). I followed your (chess) growth and enjoyed many times your brilliant games and intrepid style. I understood that you were a truly world class player when you have been able to defeat Anatoli Karpov (yes, in classical games only recently, but it does not matter).

Glen KELLY, Perth, WA, Australia
Congratulations in entering your 28th year of existence!!! May you reach many more. If your ever planning to come to the land of Oz ie Australia drop us a line as I and the boys at Perth Chess Club would love to meet you and show you the sights of our lovely city. Good luck in your future endeavours.

Cyrille Viossat, Paris
I'll never forget how kind you were when when I came to talk to you at an Immopar trophy in Paris. To my eternal regrets, an ill timed away match with my club had prevented me from knowing your family better -Zsofia was staying with my good friend and club president Mr.Coudray that day! Happy birthday indeed Judit, it's always a pleasure to see you doing well as you seem to be one of the nicest people ever to pick chess as a career. And doing so well at it!

Matthieu Iguenane, Paris, France
Let me wish you a quiet, cool, funny, creamy, sweet, as you want it to be, happy birthday! You're the chess player I enjoyed the most, with the french GM Laurent Fressinet who I interviewed recently for the novel I'm currently writing. I saw you both in Enghien. I was so pleased to see you there. I would have love to have a drink and to talk to you, but obviously you had other thing in minds .... but who nows, maybe one day I could have an interview, around a "coupe de champagne" !!!

Shamim Khan, Dhaka, Bangladesh
I do not know how little words written on a page can possibly mean to you at such a time. But atleast I can say that you are in my thoughts and in my hearts being a Chess Player.

Jorge, Gomez, Rio Rico, USA
It would be fantastic if you one day became World Champion! I hope you had a great birthday! By the way, I love the picture of you playing Campomanes blindfold. A fan from a small town just north of the Mexican border,

Mastimar, Houston, TX
I would like to wish you a happy birthday, Judit! I would like you to know that you are an inspiration even to males, not just females. I read Frederic Friedel's story about you in ChessBase. It makes me want to meet you. I remember the first time I read about you. It was a very long time ago. It was an article about a game you played against Kasparov when he made his move, but a second later, moved the same piece to another square. After that game, I played probably the best game of my life. I think it was because of the feelings I had after going over your game. Thank you! I hope to meet you in the future. Please write me back!!

Horst Schlachetzki, Waldenbuch, Germany
Congratulation to your 27th birthday. I had been a pleasure during the last years to see you acting both as a high class chess professional and a charming personality. Best wishes for you future.

Brandon Bradshaw, Cincinnati, USA
Judit, congratulations on your 27th birthday! This wish may seem insignificant coming from an adoring whom you have never met, but after studying your games for several years, I feel as if I know you personally. I hope your killer instinct flourishes as profoundly as your beauty has over the last 27 years so you may become the first woman world champion in history.

Greg Cline, Vancouver, WAshington
I hope you get this. I wish you a very happy birthday & if I could send you a song from the U.S. it would be "Hot Shot" by Shaggy. Please email me back if you like the music.

Shamsol Bahrin, Malaysia
It's been long time that I'm ur great fan in chess.Your true remarkable fighting spirit and those slugfests showing over the board had captured my heart to be loyal to chess forever!

Firas al-Hadidi, Salt, Jordan
i really happy to write this message to you. i like your style of play and i love your games, every day i follow your news with the other top 10 grandmasters. i really wonder you if you start to think to write a book about your chess games especially the games played in the sicilian defence as you are one of the experts in this opening.

Wei Chuan Kek, Singapore
Happy Birthday to the greatest woman chess player ever, and also one of the strongest player around. You are an inspiration to many around the world, may you continue to inspire and give hope to many more.

John T. Chen, Berkeley, CA, USA
I have always admired you, one can only imagine the work and effort involved in not only chess mastery but also in overcoming the many inherent misperceptions associated with gender which you have so gracefully and elegantly transcended. I wish you the best! Also, Frederic is a kind man! You are blessed by his adulation!

Florentino Bernal, Colombia
Con mucho cariño de Colombia, con sabor a cafe, feliz cumpleaños y que siga siendo la mas bella y la mas inteligente en Ajedrez.

Elmer Dumlao Sangalang, Manila, the Philippines
We missed our chance to meet you and your sisters in person when the 30th Chess Olympiad was held here in Manila in 1992. We are still hoping that you will visit our country one day and enrich our chess heritage. Thank you and may God shower you with abundant blessings now and for always.

Susan Grumer, Exton, USA
Judit, you are not only a spectacular chess player, but also a very beautiful woman. I wish you many more happy birthdays, and look forward to the day when I will send you congratulations for becoming the World Chess Champion.

Jacob Portukalian, Campbellsburg, Indiana
You and Garry are my two chess heros-largely because I want to produce similar results with my own future children so your family is kind of a model for me :) I'm also an administrator on USCL so I hope to be able to say hi one of these days if/when you log in. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

Herson Picado Guier, San Jose, Costa Rica
I love chess very very much. I watch your games, all the time, every moment, and you are a very great girl and chess player. You are pretty. I am not very good in chess now, but with Chessbase help, i am very happy, because i can make a big progress in my level play. I hope Judith, that you always, always, continue playing chess, because your style of play, your great chess talent for chess, made happy to many many persons in the world. You are the great queen of the chess world. Sorry for my English, is not very good, I know. A big hug for you,

David Korn, Seattle, Washington, USA
You are a truly beautiful woman! (Not to mention brilliant and worthy of the utmost respect.

Matthew Malicki, Bourbonnais Illinois, USA
I hope your birthday is going wonderful and I wanna thank you for everything you've been able to accomplish. I wish more people could be like you. Beautiful and smart. It's gonna be amazing what you'll soon accomplish. My favorite player will be world champion in the coming years... Keep on kickin ass! Thanks!

Cheryl Gergensen, Independence, Virginia, USA
The past year has been excellent and I hope the next will be even better! You are an inspiration to so many around the world, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great works of art you create.

Iryna Zenyuk, New York, USA
Happy Birthday to the best chess woman ever. Wish You to reach the best sport results and to continue create masterpieces of the chess game. We, Your fans appreciate what You have done for chess game. Thank you for being the best example for women chess players.

Beau Mueller, Kaunakakai, HI
Aloha Judit! You probably don't remember me, but we met at the US open in 1998, when you utterly destroyed me in the Simul. (I was rated about 1200 at the time) I was so young and arrogant that I threw the scoresheet out the window. : ) I was the young guy(18 at the time) with fluffy hair and too much facial hair... Anyway, good luck in all of your endeavors, both in chess and otherwise. Thank you for your contributions to chess and may you make many more in your lifetime.

Tomasz Pintal, Stalowa Wola, Poland
I wish you Judit all best wishes, not chess only :-)). I would like to see more women playing chess on your very huge level! It seemed little real, but maybe it will be someday? And in ending I wish you steady development on all aspects on human being and playing chess on different levels (not only on 2600+) :-). PS. You are only 3 days younger than me :-). And "only" 1000 rating points stronger :-)).

Manolis Tazartes, Athens, Greece
I send you my warmest wishes for your birthday and hope that in the not too distant future you will become no. 1 in men's ratings, too. You have opened new vistas for women's chess and wish you continue to do so for many years to come.

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