Wang Hao and Ju Wenjun Chinese Champions

6/6/2010 – Three players tied for first in the open section (with eleven men and one woman) of the 2010 Chinese Championship, held in Xinghua, Jiangsu, but top seed Wan Hao took first on tiebreak points. In the women's section (twelve women, no men) Ju Wenjun led all the way and was able to take a last-round defeat and still finish sole first. Report and games.

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Chinese Championships 2010

The Chinese Chess Championships were held in Xinghua, Jiangsu, from May 24th to June 4th 2010. The open tournament ended in a three-way tie for first, with the top seed GM Wang Hao, rated 2722, taking the title on tie-break points.

The 2010 Chinese Champion Wang Hao

The only female participating in the open section, 16-year-old GM Hou Yifan, did not have a very successful tournament and finished second last on the table.

Women's section

In the women's section, after ten rounds, WGM Ju Wenjun had eight points and was leading by a full point. In the final round she lost against WGM Tan Zhongyi, but was still able to take the title with 8.0/11, followed by WGM Huang Qian and Tan Zhongyi in third.

Chinese women's champion 2010: WGM Ju Wenjun


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