VG Nett quotes Carlsen on the Kasparov-Nakamura cooperation

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11/11/2011 – Magnus Carlsen, as you probably know, was trained by Garry Kasparov in 2009 and 2010, then in March 2010 the two terminated their collaboration. Last week it was revealed that Kasparov had taken on a new trainee, American GM Hikaru Nakamura – since January this year. After a long New in Chess interview with both proponents now Magnus has aired his views in this VG Nett report.

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In the report in the Norwegian news page VG Nett, when asked about the the collaboration between Garry Kasparov ("perhaps the best ever chess player") and Hikaru Nakamura ("number nine player in the world), of which rumours have been circulating since January, Magnus Carlsen is quoted as saying:

"I am surprised, especially since I never got the impression that Kasparov had a great deal of respect for Nakamura's chess talent. This is why I have been reluctant to believe the rumors of the two working together."

VG Nett: The Norwegian chess star himself had Kasparov as coach in 2009 and 2010, but despite the great progress Carlsen terminated the partnership because he thought the Russian was making too many decisions for him. The partnership between Japan-born Nakamura and Kasparov was set up using the financial backing ("wallet") of Rex Sinquefield. VG Nett speculates that "the St. Louis billionaire has probably used up to one million Kroner already".

VG quotes from the interview in New in Chess on the collaboration. Nakamura, is says there, has been given access to Kasparov's giant database of openings. The duo have had a few sessions together, and also had arguments over priorities. Before the Dortmund tournament a third training session was planned to take place in Kasparov's summer residence in Croatia, but to his consternation Nakamura decided to skip this and play in a Las Vegas poker tournament instead. "Hikaru's talent is proven," Kasparov is quoted as saying, "but he must decide that it is more important to win in chess than in poker."

Magnus is further quoted:

"I noticed that Kasparov has spoken in a neutral fashion and has tried to play down the collaboration. He probably hoped that Nakamura would porduce better performances before the collaboration was made public. After all, since the nice win at Tata, Nakamura has not achieved very much."

Carlsen told VG he believes the pressure on Nakamura will be greater. He doubts that Kasparov's insights in Magnus' own game will make the American a tougher opponent in the future.

"I, too, know Kasparov well, and the way he thinks. Besides, I have a pretty good idea of what he thinks are my strengths and weaknesses. I've had very good resaults against Nakamura in the period since Kasparov has been his trainer. I think Nakamura has made and will make more progress as a result, but right now there are four to five players in the world, including me, who have significantly better understanding of chess than Nakamura. And I don't know if even a man like Kasparov can change that in the short term."

The answer, VG says, will be delivered at the Tal Memorial, which begins in mid-November in Moscow. There the world's elite, including Carlsen and Nakamura, will be in attendance.

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