Vadim Milov leads in President's Cup in Baku

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5/8/2007 – The event is dedicated to the Azerbaijan's late President Heydar Aliyev and is taking place from May 2nd to 12th. There are 53 foreign participants, with 12 players in the event rated 2600 or higher. Top seeds are Nigel Short, Vadim Milov, Loek van Wely and Arkadij Naiditsch. We bring you games and results, and a large partially uncaptioned photo report.

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The II International President’s Cup devoted to Azerbaijan’s prominent politician and late President Heydar Aliyev is taking place from 2nd May to 12th May 2007 in Baku. The tournament, which has $50,000 guaranteed prize fund and gifts for winners, includes three sections: the Children’s Section, with age limit 14 years old, the Open Tournament and the Veteran Players’ Section with players over 60 years old.

In the Open Tournament, the winner of the first place will get $5,000 and the second place $4,000. Last year 20 foreign players took part at the I International President’s Cup, this year it is 53 players from 16 countries. Of the 147 participants in the Open Tournament, 12 rated 2600 or higher. Among them are Nigel Short, Vadim Milov, Loek van Wely, Arkadij Naiditsch, etc. Of the local GMs we have Gadir Guseinov, Rauf Mamedov and Nidjat Mamedov playing at the tournament. GMs Teimour Radjabov and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov are not participating, since they are playing in Sochi and Sofia respectively.

Leading in Baku: GM Vadim Milov

After six rounds of play second seed Vadim Milov, who currently lives in Switzerland, is in the sole lead with 5.5 points. He is followed by four grandmasters with 5.0 points each. Top seed Nigel Short is in the next group, having mysteriously dropped a full point in a completely won position against WGM and IM Anna Zozulia, rated 2344. Since the game ends in Anna's victory on move 49 we assume that Nigel's attention was distracted and he lost on time. [Nigel informs us that he actually won the the game against Anna Zozulia – there was an error in the bulletin, one we have now corrected in our PGN file.]

Top standings after six rounds

Rnk Sd Title Name Fed Elo Pts
1 2 GM Milov, Vadim SUI 2675 5.5
2 20 GM Zubarev, Alexander UKR 2511 5.0
3 7 GM Fedorov, Alexei BLR 2611 5.0
4.0 12 GM Mamedov, Rauf AZE 2584 5.0
5 14 GM Mamedov, Nidjat AZE 2547 5.0
6 9 GM Malakhatko, Vadim BEL 2598 4.5
7 11 GM Guseinov, Gadir AZE 2586 4.5
8 3 GM Van Wely, Loek NED 2674 4.5
9 5 GM Sadvakasov, Darmen KAZ 2618 4.5
10 1 GM Short, Nigel D ENG 2691 4.5
11 8 GM Gelashvili, Tamaz GEO 2605 4.5
12 15 GM Savchenko, Stanislav UKR 2545 4.5
13 17 GM Shengelia, Davit GEO 2523 4.5
14 32 IM Sanikidze, Tornike GEO 2426 4.5
15 16 GM Shanava, Konstantine GEO 2532 4.5
16 6 GM Balogh, Csaba HUN 2617 4.5
17 22 IM Abbasov, Farid AZE 2509 4.5
18 10 GM Burmakin, Vladimir RUS 2593 4.5
19 56 - Lomsadze, Davit GEO 2268 4.5
20 4.0 GM Naiditsch, Arkadij GER 2654 4.5
21 31 GM Andreev, Eduard UKR 2433 4.0
22 34 - Morchiashvili, Bachana GEO 2396 4.0
23 47 WGM Velikhanli, Firuza AZE 2310 4.0
24 13 GM Rustemov, Alexander RUS 2557 4.0
25 19 GM Zinchenko, Yaroslav UKR 2513 4.0
26 51 WIM Khotenashvili, Bela GEO 2301 4.0
27 55 - Rasulov, Vugar AZE 2271 4.0
28 38 WGM Mamedjarova, Zeinab AZE 2354 4.0
29 18 GM Miezis, Normunds LAT 2521 4.0
30 42 WGM Zozulia, Anna BEL 2344 4.0
31 24 IM Gasanov, Eldar UKR 2486 4.0
32 25 IM Magalashvili, Davit GEO 2474 4.0
33 45 - Davidov, Samir AZE 2326 4.0
34 50 FM Bregadze, Levan GEO 2302 4.0
35 26 IM Guliev, Logman AZE 2466 4.0
36 52 - Bayramov, Vugar AZE 2298 4.0
37 63 - Mammadov, Farid AZE 2222 4.0
38 48 - Agayev, Nidjat AZE 2306 4.0
39 30 IM Dovliatov, Sanan AZE 2438 4.0
40 60 - Hasanov, Shakhriyar AZE 2247 4.0

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Picture Gallery

The Hotel Absheron in Baku, where many of the players stay

Musicians at the opening of the "Prezident Kuboku" – the President's Cup

And a group of Azeri singers doing their bit

The participants and visitors stand for the National Anthem

The tournament hall just before the start of a round

Round three game Nigel Short vs Levan Aroshidze, 2500 (Short won)

Germany's top GM Arkadij Naiditsch

The Mamedyarovs – Zeinab, Shakhriyar and Turkan – are here for different reasons. The two sisters are playing in the tournament, the brother supporting them morally before he takes off for the Super-GM tournament in Sofia.

The official web site has hundreds of tantalizing pictures, some quite good, but with no captions. Links are given below where you can browse the photo pages. But you have to know your way around and use your deductive skills to make sense of the pictures. We'll start you off by revealing that the man in the grey suit in the above picture is top seed Nigel Short at the openings ceremony, drawing white for his first-round game.

One more tip: this is Nigel Short chatting with the Azerbaijan Minister of Youth and Sport Azad Rahimov. Okay, you are on your own now in this and the following samples. Good luck!

Nigel Short tells us this is Dana Reizniece from Latvia...

...and this Salome Melia from Georgia, "chatting with some random guy"


Well yes, uncaptioned pictures suck, but you will find a lot of really cute children's portraits on the official site's picture galleies, which makes them well worth visiting.

Information and some of the pictures provided by Zahir Ahmadov


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