Ushenina wins strongest ever Rector Cup in Kharkov

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4/7/2010 – In the previous years this event consisted of a match between the two strongest Ukrainian chess clubs. This year the organisers decided to instead stage the strongest international woman tournament in the modern Ukrainian history. It was won by IM Anna Ushenina, a point and a half ahead of the field, and with a stellar 2649 performance. Big photo report by Anastasiya Karlovich.

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12th Rector Cup in Kharkov – the strongest ever in Ukraine

Text and pictures: Anastasiya Karlovich

The traditional chess tournament “Rector Cup” took place from March 26 to 29 in the Palace of Students of the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise. In the previous years the event consisted of a match between the two strongest Ukrainian chess clubs “PVK Kievchess” and “Law Academy”. This year the organizers decided to change the format and stage instead the strongest international woman tournament in the modern Ukrainian history. Eight ladies from four different countries took part in the round robin tournament. The time control was 45 minutes per game + 10 seconds per move for each player.

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The winner of the tournament is a well-known Ukrainian IM and Olympic Champion Anna Ushenina. Second was Inna Gaponenko, while Armenian IM and the vice-champion of Europe Lilit Mkrtchian took the third place, ahead of Russian WGM Anna Burtasova on tiebreak.

Picture gallery

The symbol of Kharkov: “Zerkalnaya Struya”. It was built in 1947 and
commemorated the victory of Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War

The traditional sand sculptures in the central city square

A monument dedicated to "sweethearts"

The playing venue in the Student Palace

The drawing ceremony using famous Ukrainian chocolate “Crown”

Ukrainian IM Anna Ushenina, 6.0/7, 1.5 points ahead of the second place...

...of teammate Inna Gaponenko, 4.5 out of 7

The rating favorite Lilit Mkrtchian from Armenia finished third with four points

Russian WGM Anna Burtasova lost to Lilit on tiebreak and appeared on the forth place

The leader of the national woman team of Israel, Masha Klinova, 5th place, 3.5/7

The current Ukrainian champion Evgeniya Dolikhanova, finished in seventh place

Ukrainian WIM Liza Soloviova, eighth place

A game between two leaders Anna Ushenina and Inna Gaponenko

The last game between Masha Klinova and Evgeniya Dolukhanova gathered many spectators.
No game in the last round was drawn! It proves once again the fighting spirit of women's chess.

Young players from the local chess club fallowing the game of Anna Burtasova

A young spectator with the press kit of the tournament

Alexander Kriukov providing live broadcasting of games on the official tournament site

Evgeniya Dolukhanova, Elena Eljanova (wife of Pavel Eljanov) and Raya Korshenko

Spanish-Ukrainian Olga Alexandrova came to watch her friend Inna Gaponenko

Liza Soloviova reads a book about Chess Olympiad in Dresden

Masha Klinova and her mother Tamara

The orchestra at the closing ceremony, which included speeches, music and the prize giving

The honorable presidium of the tournament

The President of the chess club “Law Academy”, Anatoliy Getman, and the head of the department of preparation to Euro-2012, Viktor Khristoev, present the Rector Cup to the winner Anna Ushenina

The famous Ukrainian singer Garry Sitian with his charming voice makes any closing ceremony unforgettable

From right to left: Evgeniya Dolukhanova, Lilit Mkrtchan, Inna Gaponenko, Maria
Klinova amd Anna Ushenina during the clothing ceremony

Picture of all participants of the tournament with the organizers


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