U.S. Championship LIVE

4/30/2018 – Top class U.S. Championship chess returned to Saint Louis Chess & Scholastic Center for the tenth time from April 18th to 30th. Sam Shankland won the Open Championship with an astounding score of 8½ / 11. The Women's Championship will be decided in a rapid and (if necessary) Armageddon blitz tiebreak match between Annie Wang, and Nazi Paikidze. Live games and commentary from Yasser Seirawan, Jennifer Shahade and Maurice Ashley starting at 20:00 CEST (13:00 CDT, local St. Louis time).

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Women's Playoff

The U.S. Championship and Women's Championship are both 12-player single-round robin tournaments played from April 18th to 30th, with a possible tiebreak playoff match on April 30th, if necessary. The one rest day is April 24th. Each round starts at 13:00 local time (UTC -5) or 20:00 CEST.

The playoff will consist of two rapid games, and if tied a single Armageddon blitz game.

Live commentary and games


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Current standings (Women)


Final standings (Open)


All games (Open)


Schedule for both tournaments

Tuesday 17. April 18.30 Opening ceremony
Wednesday 18. April 13.00 Round 1
Thursday 19. April 13.00 Round 2
Friday 20. April 13.00 Round 3
Saturday 21. April 13.00 Round 4
Sunday 22. April 13.00 Round 5
Monday 23 April 13.00 Round 6
  23. April   "Chess After Dark"
Tuesday 24. April   Rest day
Wednesday 25. April 13.00 Round 7
Thursday 26. April 13.00 Round 8
Friday 27. April 13.00 Round 9
Saturday 28. April 13.00 Round 10
Sunday 29. April 13.00 Round 11
Monday 30.April 13.00 Possible playoff
  30. April 18.30 Closing ceremony


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jws555 jws555 4/30/2018 05:00
@geraldsky, yes, today same time as other rounds have been.
geraldsky geraldsky 4/30/2018 05:01
Is there a play-off in Women's title between Annie Wang and Nazi Paikidze?
ottawahpp ottawahpp 4/30/2018 03:00
Wow Sam Shankland! I look forward to seeing you in person playing in Cuba at the 53 Capablanca.
Petrarlsen Petrarlsen 4/28/2018 11:18
@ macauley : This is a good thing ; it is much more logical like this !...
macauley macauley 4/27/2018 08:52
@sshivaji, @hpaul - There was some mixup over the tournament naming on our end, but it is now "open" and only displays the games from that tournament. Thanks for your patience.
sshivaji sshivaji 4/24/2018 07:11
Can the men's US chess championship games be in one game list, and not mixed with several events?
hpaul hpaul 4/24/2018 04:59
CB, I know you've been told this already, and you'll continue to be told this until you get it right: It's offensive to refer to the US Championship as a US "Men's" Championship. It's not a men's championship. It's THE championship. There are in addition several restricted championships, such as senior, blind, women's, many age groups, etc. But there's only one US Championship. The winner is the US Chess Champion. Please don't cheapen it by referring to it as a gender-restricted championship.
jonlaine jonlaine 4/20/2018 03:10
Go GM Wesley So! Many Filipinos believe you can make it...