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12/19/2008 – ChessBase 10 allows you to update your database via the Internet with just a mouseclick. But it's important to properly select the target database beforehand. We show you how to do this in the newest ChessBase Workshop.

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We've been looking at new ChessBase 10 features in several ChessBase Workshop columns. Another new feature on the list is CB10's ability to keep your reference database updated with just a mouse click.

However, before we delve into the details it's necessary for me to give you a cautionary reminder which is crucial for the proper operation of this feature.

Over the years that I've been writing this column (and its predecessor Electronic T-Notes) I've been an advocate of keeping multiple databases instead of a single master database. This advocacy hasn't changed; I'm still a fan of keeping, say, the Mega Database separate from the Opening Encyclopedia, as well as maintaining separate databases each dedicated to a specific opening from my repertoire. While this does result in duplication of data, it also eases the task of maintaining a particular database -- when a new version Mega arrives next year I can just replace this year's version with the new one. The list of reasons goes on, but these reasons have been discused at length in several past columns.

The reason I mention it in this column is due to the fact that I just completed a series of columns explaining the use of the improved ChessBase Reference tab functions. In these columns I changed my designated reference database from the Mega Database to the CB Opening Encyclopedia, and noted that it's often useful to temporarily switch reference databases in order for particular functions to operate on a selected database.

It is, however, crucial to note here that the automatic game update feature works on the reference database, so it's important for you to make sure that the Big/Mega Database (or your other personal "master" database) is selected as your Reference Database before activating this feature!!!

So let's review the process of how to designate a database as your "Reference" database.

The process begins in ChessBase 10's Database window, the one which displays the icons for your various databases. Find the icon for Big Database or Mega Database (whichever of the two you're using) and right-click on it to display a popup menu:


Click on "Properties" (as shown in the illustration above); you'll then see the following dialogue:


This dialogue allows you to change various parameters relating to that specific database. You'll notice two boxes which allow you to designate the database as your "Reference" database or your "Repertoire" database. Check the box next to the "Reference database" selection by single-clicking in the box:


Then click "OK", and your Big/Mega Database will then be selected as your Reference database.

Now that you know how to designate a database as your Reference database, it's good practice to always double-check this before using the Online Database Update feature. If you, as I do, often change your reference database from one database to another (depending on the project you're currently working on), it's a good idea to get in the habit of always double-checking to make sure that Big/Mega is designated as the "Reference" database first before updating your reference database online. This is just to make sure that the right database is getting updated and will receive/house the games; remember, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

Once the correct database is designated as the reference database, make sure you have an open Internet connection and then click this button in the main database window of ChessBase 10:


You'll click the "New games" button to start the process. Just follow the prompts to continue. The prompts and the registration/password process are described (with copious quantities of illustrations included) in the ChessBase 10 Help file, so I won't repeat the steps here. To get to this portion of Help, hit F1 (or click "Help" in the Help menu), click on the "Index" tab, scroll down the list of topics, and double-click on the topic "Update of the Reference Database".

One of the dialogues in this process allows you to update your reference database by clicking on a radio button called "New games only". Your ChessBase 10 software will connect to the online server and the two will communicate, determining what games have been added to the server since your last update; only the new games will be downloaded to your computer and added to your reference database. The reason you want to first make sure that the proper database is designated as your reference database is to make sure that the downloaded games are added to the correct database instead of some other that you may have designated as the "reference" one for some temporary reason.

Until next week, have fun!

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