Unive 02: Youth still leads

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10/22/2013 – So and Van Kampen keep their positions at the top of the tournament. So drew Adams with a Berlin Wall using the black pieces and Van Kampen had no chances to breach Van Wely's Sicilian. Tomorrow is the last game of the first half of the tournament. In the open section a big tie with 3.5/4 has occured and the tournament is up for grabs. Round 2 information.

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The small town of Hoogeveen is again a center of attention for the chess world. Both the Unive Crown Tournament and the Unive Open have started in Hoogeveen, sponsored by the Unive cooperative insurance company in the Netherlands. The main attraction is of course the super grandmaster double round robin tournament that will run from the 20th of October until the 27th.

Michael Adams couldn't dent So's Berlin Wall and had to settle with a draw

Round 2

Today's round was unfortunately not as exciting as yesterdays. In Van Kampen repeated the white pieces today against his countryman Loek Van Wely, but this time he was unable to obtain any kind of advantage and Van Wely was able to hold him to a draw without a huge amount of difficulties.

Robin Van Kampen can be happy with his start so far: 1.5/2, both games with white

Van Wely faced an early Maroczy bind but he was not in any problems today

Wesley So decided to use the Berlin Wall against Michael Adams and he achieved a relatively easy draw. The idea for White to quickly swap his knight for the c8 bishop gives him the pair of bishops but little else. The game resembled the Nakamura-Carlsen played in Saint Louis just last month, but also in that game White was unable to prove anything.

Wesley So somehow juggles his professional chess career with studies at Webster University in Saint Louis, Missouri

A little post-mortem

This game was played in the open, but could easily have been played in the Crown group! L'Ami drew Krasenkow and they are both tied at the very top of the tournament as no one has 4.0/4.

Replay Games

Pictures by Johan Valk and Lennart Ootes


Round 1 – October 20
So, Wesley 2706
Van Wely, Loek 2693
Van Kampen, Robin 2607
Adams, Michael 2753
Round 2 – October 21
Van Kampen, Robin 2607
Van Wely, Loek 2693
Adams, Michael 2753
So, Wesley 2706
Round 3 – October 22
Van Wely, Loek 2693   Adams, Michael 2753
So, Wesley 2706   Van Kampen, Robin 2607
Round 4 – October 24
Van Wely, Loek 2693   So, Wesley 2706
Adams, Michael 2753   Van Kampen, Robin 2607
Round 5 – October 25
Adams, Michael 2753   Van Wely, Loek 2693
Van Kampen, Robin 2607   So, Wesley 2706
Round 6 – October 26
Van Wely, Loek 2693   Van Kampen, Robin 2607
So, Wesley 2706   Adams, Michael 2753


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