Unforgettable Venezuelan chess party

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9/8/2011 – The magic of chess seized Barquisimeto, Venezuela, and lived up to its expectations for the First International Chess Festival held there in a tribute to IM Wiston Boada, to celebrate 25 years of chess and selflessness in promoting it. AjedrezVinoTinto put together a beautiful festival with 80 players and even invited renowned Spanish journalist Leontxo García to lecture. Large illustrated report.

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An unforgettable chess party

By Jose Gabriel Salas

The press conference with local sports news celebrity Ivon Gaete, IM Wiston Boada,
Leontxo García, plus the organizers Ely Saúl Sequera and Elias Chavez.

The magic of chess seized Barquisimeto, Venezuela, and lived up to its expectations for the First International Chess Festival Tribute to IM Winston Boada. Passing through the gates of the Italian-Venezuelan Club became a privilege for those who love the game, and the richly decorated lounge and quality organization pleasantly surprised each of the 800 participants coming from all 24 states as well as seven countries. 

Believe it or not, they even have an exclusive 80s pop song as an official club song!

The main objective, to give the game a worthy event y category, was more than fulfilled. Aside from the record participation and prizes (240 thousand BsF) for this type of events, the true satisfaction of the organizers AjedrezVinotinto.com (NdT: it translates to Red Wine Chess) was at the sight of so many members of this family enjoying their shared passion: Chess.

The luxurious air-conditioned playing tent

The playing tent of the Italian-Venezuelan Club was packed with passionate chess fans

This festival was attended by special guest, Leontxo Garcia, the renowned Spanish chess journalist. On Friday, during the tournament press conference, García gave a lecture, ''A journey through the fascinating world of chess.'' Tirelessly, at the end he answered at length all questions from the audience. On Saturday, he gave a lecture to the participants entitled “Ten reasons to support chess”.

The renowned Spanish chess journalist was acclaimed by the more than 300 spectators
of his lecture at the Tiffany Hotel.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the anecdotes and experiences shared by Leontxo
García. The screen slide show says "The legend of the wheat grains."

The organizers paid him a warm tribute while Garcia spent much of the day walking the playroom with his usual charisma and humility. During his visit he carried out a busy schedule, including interviews with different media, in which he stressed the importance of science and sports for mankind.

IM Wiston Boada receives the tribute from the hands of his mother, in the presence
the organizers, Team VinoTinto, Elias Chavez and Ely Saúl Sequera.

Meanwhile Winston Boada said he was overwhelmed by the idea of ​​paying tribute to his career in chess. Celebrating 25 years of an impeccable career, Boada felt the love and admiration of his peers and lived emotional moments receiving the plaque from the hands of his mother. With characteristic generosity he publicly asked the organizers to repeat the festival next year and honor other national figures of chess.

The beautiful sports journalist Ivon Gaete gave herself wholeheartedly to the task

Animation and presentation of the festival was led by the renowned sports journalist, Ivon Gaete, who graced the chess day with her beauty and skill. Gaete gave herself entirely to the activities and stressed the commitment that the media must assume in the dissemination of the sport.

Ivon Gaete and the event's media coordinator Jose Gabriel Salas

Like any party worthy of the name, good memories are no less important. Thus the results and information of the festival can be found at the AjedrezVinoTinto site and its sister site RadarVinoTinto created for its pictures and videos.

The festival in pictures

Edgar Rivas Flamante, champion of the Blue Group

Pablo Giménez gives Franklin Palomo, winner of the Yellow
Group, his prize.

The playing area's decoration was superb

The playing area now packed with players

Ten 42-inch plasma screens were connected to ten HD cameras transmitting the top
boards of each group.

The event's trophies and medals

Over 800 chess players came to battle

64 female players received awards at the event, a new record!

The tribute brought in his family and friends

IM Wiston Boada is always open and receptive to players

The humility, sensitivity and affability are some of the things that
make Wiston grand. (Ed: a 20-foot poster doesn't hurt either)

The beautiful girls of AjedrezVinoTinto helped make the event memorable

All players were provided individual credentials

IM Wiston Boada gives a simul

The girls went out with signs to be sure no one missed the event

The event was organized by the Team of AjedrezVinoTinto.com

General Coordinator: Elías E. Chávez
Technical Director: Ely Saúl Sequera
Operational Coordinator: Arnaldo Ferragut
Logistical Coordinator: Neilibeth Martínez

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