Two grandmasters and a computer in Corinth

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5/8/2002 – From May 13 to 18 the Greek city of Korinthos (Corinth) is paying host to an interesting rapid chess event. First top GM Mikhail Gurevich, Elo 2641 and number 47 in the world, will take on the computer world champion Junior 7 in four 60-minute games. Then Gurevich will play six rapid chess games against the Greek champion Christodoulos Banikas. More

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There will be an interesting chess event very soon in Korinthos. It involves two strong grandmasters and a chess “war machine”. The protagonists are the internationally well-known Belgian GM Mikhail Gurevich, Elo 2641 and No. 47 in world rating, the Greek Champion Christodoulos Banikas, and the current multi-processor world computer chess champion Junior 7.

The first encounter is between Gurevich and Junior, the latter running on a Pentium 4 at 2000 MHz and 1 GB of RAM. The second meeting is a battle between the two human champions, each of which has excellent scores in rapid chess games.

The schedule is as follows:

  • May 13 – 16: Gurevich vs Junior 7, four rapid games with each player getting 60 minutes for the entire game.

  • May 17 – 18: Christodoulos Banikas vs Mikhail Gurevich, six rapid games with 25 minutes for each player.

  • There will also be a simultaneous exhibition with each of the two grandmasters taking on 20 to 30 opponents.

All games will be broadcasted live on the Internet by the Hellas Chess Club and at the same time they will be projected on screens for the onsite audience. Everyone who is interested is welcome to attend the games (Free entrance).

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