Informative and fun: the Online Playerbase

by Nadja Wittmann
5/31/2019 – Who are the best players in the world? What ratings do they have? And what do they look like? The ChessBase Online Playerbase ( answers these and other questions. The database contains about 570,000 names and more than 40,000 pictures! You want to know the current Elo of an old friend or rival? Or find the best players of your age-group? Or games from the most promising juniors? Have a look! | Drawing: ChessBase

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The World Top 100

The Playerbase starts with the best: if you go to you see a list of the current top 100. Clicking on the profile of a player yields more information: photos and an Elo chart showing how the rating of that player developed over time. Below photo and chart are the most recent games of that player — to play through and/or to download (if you have a ChessBase account).

Under "Lists", you can find several pre-calculated lists. The World Top 100 is loaded by default.

The best female players

Select Women Top 100 to switch to the best active female players in the world.

The best players under 20 years

We track Boys under 20 and Girls under 20 as well.

Under 20 lists

Click or tap to enlarge

"Numero Uno": World Champion Magnus Carlsen

Let's take a closer look at profile and games of the current number one: Magnus Carlsen. You can see his rating progress over time, and his tournament games in reverse chronological order.

Click or tap on the image to jump to the Playerbase

Make a custom list

This feature is not limited to the elite. You can also search for players, e.g. for yourself, friends, rivals, or any other player that interests you.

Just go to "Search" in the menu and enter the name of the player you are looking for.

In the Custom List you can search for a number of criteria. This allows you to create a number of interesting results. Let's say, for instance, you want to find out who are currently the best players, Elo 2200 — 2800, aged 17 — 35 years, in the US who are still active. We enter the following into the search mask:

The results of your search are displayed

The Playerbase is rapidly developing into a powerful took for learning about chess players past and present.

Let us know what you think! How do you use the Playerbase? What would you like to see added or improved?

And of course, have fun!


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