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by Nadja Wittmann
5/23/2019 – ChessBase invites you to follow the top players and the top tournaments live — with the WebApp "Live Chess". This section of the ChessBase ecosystem offers more than just viewing the games: you can analyse in our full-featured game viewer, check current theory, tweet the game, open the games in the Live Database, MyGames or Fritz and much more. Try it! | Drawing: ChessBase

ChessBase 17 - Mega package ChessBase 17 - Mega package

ChessBase is a personal, stand-alone chess database that has become the standard throughout the world. Everyone uses ChessBase, from the World Champion to the amateur next door. It is the program of choice for anyone who loves the game and wants to know more about it.


The broadcast page gives you access to all the main live tournaments in the browser. Follow the games that interest you on once screen, or watch several games at once in a multiboard layout.

You can even embed any live broadcast event on your own website! (See "Must-have: ChessBase tools for your website.")

Here's a brief tour:

A list of all currently live tournaments is shown in order of average Elo rating

For an example, we'll look at the recent Grand Chess Tour Cote d´Ivoire rapid and blitz tournament 2019, which is available via the "Archive" section at the bottom of the page.

On the main tournament view you do find all games that have been played so far:

"Rounds" at the bottom of the page allows you to select a particular round

Click or tap "Table" to access the current (or in this case final) standings.

A crosstable

From the table click or tap any result to open the corresponding game

The icons

There are two sets of icons, those below the board window and those below the notation which provide functions useful in various contexts. On a PC, hovering over each button will show its function.

Below the board window

  • The left and right arrows help you to play through the game forwards or backwards.
  • After pressing the double arrow >> the game replays automatically, move by move.
  • The arrows |< and >| jump to the first and to the last move of the game.
  • With the arrows |<< and >>| you can jump to the previous or following game from the games list.
  • The maximize button (to the right of the arrows) enlarges the viewer.
  • The fan icon is the engine symbol which allows you to analyse the position with an engine running in your browser.
  • The round arrow to the right of the engine symbol flips the board, which can also be done by clicking or tapping the side-to-move indicator next to the h1 (a8) square.

Tip: The save button (disc icon) will save the current game (below notation) or the current game list (left side) prompting you to download a PGN file.

Below the notation

Here's an overview of the various icons available on the toolbars

Some of these functions can also be accessed using keyboard shortcuts

Symbol Shortcut Function

"Mini Toggle" (to fold the variations)

Alt - up Promote variations which you think are important
Del Delete the variation at the position of the cursor
} Cut off the rest of the game or the line, e.g. when studying openings
CTRL-Shift-Y Delete all commentary in the game
CTRL-Z Undo an action
CTRL-Y Redo an action
Copy FEN code to the clipboard
Consult online database
My Games Cloud
Access the list with the current live transmissions
Tweet game

What are FEN codes and what can you do with them?

The FEN button is a new addition to the toolbar. FEN codes contain the information that defines a position. You can copy the FEN code from the game replayer to your clipboard, and from your clipboard you can copy the FEN code to any board window in ChessBase. 

For instance, open ChessBase 15 and press "S". The window below and you can enter a new position with the help of the FEN code.

8/5p2/2R2k2/1p4p1/p1b1BPP1/P5K1/1P1r4/8 b - - 0 37

We move the cursor to the position which we want to export and click the "FEN" button in the menu, below the notation.

Configurate position in ChessBase 15

A quick way to set up a position in ChessBase

Press "Paste FEN" to copy the FEN code from your clipboard to your board window. The position appears on the board:

FEN code pasted into ChessBase 15 position window

Load the position and start analysing!

Tip: You can also use FEN codes in our live diagrams tool to embed positions in your comments on any News article! See how to use live diagrams.

The ChessBase WebApps are linked to each other and can often be used together (e.g. the MyGames Cloud and the Live Database).

Start a strong chess engine right in your browser window!

There are also direct links and buttons that allow you to switch from one WebApp to another. For example, the "Best games" button leads to a list with the best games of the current live broadcasts.

Best games link

One-click access to the best games of chess being played in the world

Works for live video broadcasts too

Our News page regularly offer live webcasts. (See "ChessBase Apps: The Videos"). The windows of the live broadcasts have the same menu functions which allow you to analyse and edit the games shown:

Dr. GM Karsten Müller during his recent "Endgame Magic" show with Nihal Sarin


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