How to play online on Playchess with video

by Martin Fischer
8/24/2023 – Chess is the most delightful and truly comes to live, when you can sit across from each other, engaging in a face-to-face match with a physical chessboard in between. The thrill of an evening at the club, playing blitz chess, maneuver the pieces, and indulge in lively conversation with your club-mates, surpasses the quiet solitude of playing online, isolated in front of a computer screen. However, the Playchess chess server offers a refreshing alternative. It introduces video and audio features that can be effortlessly activated, bringing the essence of in-person play to the virtual realm. With just one click, you can generate a private virtual gaming space, packaged as a simple URL, and swiftly share it with your friends. Embracing this method couldn't be more straightforward. Allow ChessBase expert Martin Fischer to walk you through the mechanics in this short tutorial!

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Playing online on Playchess with video


Having a chat after the games

To create a virtual, private playing-room on Playchess, you need an URL:

In addition to that default URL-link, you simply add a name of your own choice, i. e.:

The complete address is duplicated just as it is, and then you can simply paste it into whichever web browser you prefer. This will instantly become the virtual gathering place for you and your fellow chess enthusiasts. They only need to paste the address into their browser, and they're ready to begin their online chess session.

Please bear in mind that these are the prerequisites:

  • Premium membership for the ChessBase Account
  • Webcam
  • Microphone

Important hints: 

  • Make sure that your webcam is only used with the browser and no other device.
  • Different browsers have different security settings. Make sure to check all your security settings to use the camera with the browser so that it is not blocked.
  • Your microphone is ideally a headset or conference microphone. This is good for blocking out background noise or the typical "echo".
  • Playchess has a "mute" option that you can switch on yourself. You have the same option for your video.
  • If you can only see yourself in the video, try refreshing your browser (Ctrl+F5).

More information about playing online with video:

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