The Playchess club rooms, now with video function!

by Nadja Wittmann
8/26/2020 – Online chess is most fun when you know your opponents: less anonymity means less cheating! In the virtual club room on PlayChess, clubs can meet and play blitz tournaments among themselves. To improve your playing experience we now present the video function! All players can log in with their webcam and you can hear and see each other! Suddenly you experience a blitz chess evening almost like in the old days: trash-talk, noises from the next board, cheering, frustration — it all feels more real because you see and hear each other. And everything starts with 2 mouse clicks. Just try it out: create a virtual room with one mouse click, activate the video function with another mouse click, and off you go! The only requirement: to have a premium account!

Premium annual subscription + 1 month (payment method: credit card) Premium annual subscription + 1 month (payment method: credit card)

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The virtual online chess club

This is the way to do it:

1. Create a virtual room in the browser and send the link to your chess friends or club members.

The URL will look like this:

and attached to it, the desired name for your virtual room e.g.:

2. Log in with your ChessBase account (username and password).

3. On the far right corner of your virtual clubroom’s window, you will find the tab ‘Video’


4. Click on ‘Join with Audio’ or ‘Join with Video’, depending on whether you want to join the Virtual Club Meeting session by audio only or also by video. You can still change your mind during the meeting and switch off the video or sound, and of course you can leave the meeting at any time.

The browser might ask you once if it should get the permission to access your webcam for the video meeting. But this depends on the general settings you have configured in your browser.

In our example we have decided to use the video meeting variation, i.e. "Join Video".

Join video

Now you can invite your friends to turn on their video or audio as well.

You can invite as many chess friends to participate as you like. Of course, it makes sense not to invite more than can be seen simultaneously on the screen.


And now comes the fun part!

The chess friends that joined the room can challenge each other to a game and can all talk to each other — even all at once, so it is quite the realistic experience!


You can choose and set the time control for the games with your club members



The ChessBase Team testing all functions


To leave the video meeting simply click on the white cross with the red background:

Press the whit cross to end the session

Enjoy your chess event!

Translation from German: Arne Kaehler


Chief editor Spanish ChessBase website, tutorials, marketing.


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JimMorrison42 JimMorrison42 1/24/2022 03:29
This is a great feature; what if an opponent has no ChessBase account? Additional question: any update to support correspondence chess?
Fisherman07 Fisherman07 11/18/2020 03:25
I am a teacher and I would like my students play chess on line against each other. How do I create a chess club online and assign them to play against each other? Please advise
gimiller gimiller 11/15/2020 03:53
Will this feature eventually include an analysis board option so you can host club coaching sessions? This would be even more interactive that the trash talk etc. during live games.
Marc Wakeham Marc Wakeham 10/28/2020 05:52
How do you use this function if you are plaing via the Playchess Software? I can only see the link if you use the direct link to a room.
ChessSpawnVermont ChessSpawnVermont 8/27/2020 01:45
Interesting feature. It may not really prevent or reduce cheating as they claim, but it certainly does increase the virtual fun of playing an online game. I've used it with the club room,Leaning Rook Chess Club, that I set up a while back. It worked seamlessly. Bravo to Chessbase!