Turkish League: Isek Aquamatch Sport Club leads

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7/6/2011 – After eight rounds ISEK Aquamatch Sport Club became the sole leader of the championship with fifteen points. The team won seven matches with only one draw. The competition continues without abate with its unique format in which the teams consist of top GMs, a female board, and U14 and U16 youth categories all rolled into one. Once more a lovely pictorial by Nastja Karlovich.

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The Turkish Isbank Chess League takes place in Konya-Hilton Garden Inn Hotel from June 28th till July 9th, 2011. This year 276 players from 14 clubs are participating in the event. The Turkish Team Championship (1st Chess League) was inaugurated in 1995. In 2004, it changed its name to Super League but after the Turkish Isbank assumed sponsorship in 2006, the name was changed once more to the Turkish Isbank Chess League. 36 grandmasters and 86 titled players in all are present in Konya right now. The top boards include top players such as GM Pavel Eljanov (UKR, 2712), GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov (UZB, 2685), GM Ernesto Inarkiev (RUS, 2679), GM Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu (ROU, 2662), GM Evgenij Miroshnichenko (UKR, 2651), GM Boris Savchenko (RUS, 2630), GM Mikheil Mchedlishvili (GEO, 2629) and others. Each team consists of 10 boards: the first four boards of every team are the titled players, followed by a female athlete, a junior player, U16 boy and girl tables, and U14 boy and girl tables. The time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes to the end of the game with a 30-second increment.

Games and information will be available daily at the official website.

Turkish League: Isek Aquamatch Sport Club leads

Text: Anastasiya Karlovich and Fatma Koc Ozturk / Photos: Anastasiya Karlovich

After 8 rounds ISEK Aquamatch Sport Club became the sole leader of the championship with fifteen points. The team won seven matches and were only held to a draw by Celikkol Turizm Pamukkale Unv Club. A former leader of the championship, Yapi Kredi Club, lost two matches in a row and are now in second with twelve points. Three other clubs, Adana Truva Chess Club, ITU Club, and Gazi University Club, are equal 3rd with eleven points.

There was a free day between two double rounds and all participants visited the famous
historical landmark Mevlana that now holds the tomb of Mevlâna Jelaleddin Rumî,
founder of the Mevlevi order of dervishes.

The Mevlana Museum is a place of pilgrimage for Muslims because Rumi is a saint.
His poetic message of peace, love of God and one's fellow creatures, resonates to a
far wider audience today than it did over 700 years ago when Rumi preached and
taught in Konya, and whirled in ecstasy through its streets. Muslim and non-Muslim
pilgrims come from throughout the world to visit his tomb.

Sehitlik Abidesi

A monument in the city centre of Konya

Meram village, located 8km from the centre of Konya, was well-known because of its
springs and luxurious vegetation.

A group of chess players posing next to the mosque: Olga Zimina, Martha Fierro,
Ernesto Inarkiev, Dogan Reyhan.

Same company resting in one of the many cafes located in the area

Ernesto shares cherries with friends

An important match between Aquamatch Sport Club and ITU Sport Club finished
5.5-4.5 in favor of the current leader of the championship .

Yapi Kredi won against Adana Truva. The leaders of the teams Mikhail Gurevich and
Evgenij Miroshnichenko drew.

The match between Yapi Kredi Sport Club (lead by Mikhail Gurevich) and ITU Club
(lead by Pavel Eljanov) finished in favor of ITU Club despite the draw between the
respective team leaders.

A little supporter of Aquamatch Sport Club comes to every game and lifts the
mood of the players.

Alexander Ipatov works as a photographer while he is not playing

Besiktas Sport Club

Teammates follow the game of Turkish player Ezgi Menzi

The leader of the Aquamatch Sport Club: Rustam Kasimdzhanov with 4.0/7

Bela Khotenashvili plays for Yapi Kredi Sport Club and has the
current best result on the woman board with 7.0/8.

GM Alexander Galkin gives an aggressive look to the photographer...

…while Merab Gagunashvili looks more relaxed

Boris Savchenko is in a good mood with six points after eight games

IM Mustafa Yilmaz plays for  ITU Sport Club and has 4.0/8

A current Turkish Champion Emre Can plays for Gazi University
Club and is also on 4.0/8.

Gamil Agamaliev plays for Yapi Kredi Sport Club and has 3.5/6

FM Cemil Can Ali Marandi has 6.0/8 in the first U14 board

He was born on 17th January 1998 in Ankara, Turkey. He started to play chess in kindergarden, and with the support of his family, he started to take chess courses at a very early age. After many successful events, he was declared “sportsperson of the year 2010“. His main goal is to be a grandmaster before age fifteen, be a world class player, and represent his country in eminent events.

Important achievements;
2006 Turkish Championship Under 8  - Third Place
2006 World Under 8 Championship – 17th
2007 World School Chess Champion – U9
2007 Turkish Youth Chess Championship – Under 10 - 4th
2007 European Youth Chess Championship – Under 10 – 17th place
2007 World Youth Chess Championship – Under 10 – 11th place
2008 Turkish Youth Chess Championship – Under 10 – 2nd place
2008 World School Teams Championship – 1st place
2008 European Champion – U10
2009 World School Championship – Under 11 – 5th place
2009 Turkish Youth Chess Championship – Under 12 – 3rd Place
2009 European Youth Chess Championship – Under 12 – 5th Place
2010 Turkish Youth Chess Championship – Under 12 – 2nd place
2010 European Champion – U12
2010 World Youth Chess Championship -  Under 12 – 6th place
2010 World School Chess Champion – U13
2011 (Büyükler Kategorisinde)
2011 Turkish Championship ( 2 - 6th)
**Two IM Norms
FIDE ID: 6300529
ELO:  2213 (+52.2)

Batuhan DAŞTAN plays for Gazi University Sport Club and
has 6.5 out of 8 on the U14 and U16 boards.

His main goal is to be a Super GM. He was born in 1997 in Erzurum, he is living in Bursa. He finished the 8th grade this year.

He started to play chess at the age of seven, while in first grade. He did not even know what chess was at the time. He chose chess as an optional course that year and started to like it after playing more. After some time he started to take part in tournaments. He studies chess two hours after school, four hours in the weekends. He plays basketball in the weekends and likes to read history books.

He played in so many important tournaments with the help of TCF and under the sponsorship of Turkish Isbank. He finished first in the 2011 World School Individual Chess Championship in the U15 category. He also took bronze in the U11 group in the 2007 European School Chess Championship and 2007 World School Individual Chess Championship. Again he took bronze in the 2010 World School Individual Chess Championship in Kayseri (U13). He likes the style of Kasparov and Fischer, and considers Magnus Carlsen as a role model in attacking games.

Another talented Turkish player, Vahap Sanal, who had a great
result in Dubai recently, plays for ITU Sport Club.

A sister of Vahap – Suna Sanal plays for  Bursa Tophane

GM Baris Esen plays for Adana Truva Sport Club and will be the
only player from Turkey who is going to participate in the World Cup.

Alexander Ipatov has had an immaculate result in the Turkish
Championship winning all six games with a 3271 performance.

WGM Martha Fierro plays for ITU Sport Club

Nana Dzagnidze plays for Adana Truva Sport Club and has 5.0/8

Zeynep Yetisgin works for the Turkish Chess Federation

Fethi Apaydin with a young supporter from Besiktas Sport Club

Girls from Gazi club continue playing blitz in the lobby after the games


The games are being broadcast live on the official web site and on the chess server Playchess.com. If you are not a member you can download a free Playchess client there and get immediate access. You can also use ChessBase 11 or any of our Fritz compatible chess programs.

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