Turkey: Chess Across the Streets

10/6/2015 – This is a unique action: at the end of September, just before the start of the new school year, chess players of all levels in Turkey were asked to play the game in public, wherever possible – recreational parks, regular streets, or even downtown, you name it. And send in memento photos, a small selection of which we share with you today. Something for the rest of the world to emulate?

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Chess Across the Streets in Turkey

Recently the Turkish Chess Federation (TCF) initiated a new project: Chess Across the Streets! Between 21-27 of September, only a week before the school year started, chess players of all levels were advised to play chess wherever possible. At recreational parks, on regular streets, or even in downtowns, you name it.

This influential movement is aimed to make chess more visible to non-chess playing community. Another important purpose is to urge local governing authorities to form chess parks, just like the other chess-cultured countries. So far, 61 various chess activities have taken part in 36 different cities. Thanks to both local and national media coverage, this meaningful ‘brotherhood of chess’ has borne its fruits. Let’s see what happened in Turkey in just a week’s time!



From loneliness in playing halls to the crowded city: Sokakta Satranç var – Chess Across the Streets!

Not only the amateurs, but also chess professionals have kindly participated in this movement. Above you can see four young IMs (soon GMs to be): Vahap Sanal, Ogulcan Kanmazalp, Mert Yilmazyerli and Burak Firat (Urla / Izmir).

Chess players, carrying chess sets, are getting closer to the park! (Urla/Izmir)

A chess set and a friendly game on each bench (Urla/Izmir)

The youngest participants, ready to start a game at the waterfront in Istanbul

Nearby an ornamental pool in Diyarbakir

On the beautiful lawns in Denizli ...

... and in a forest around the city

Chess players at all ages in Bursa

Even a newly-wed couple in Adana!

Young chess players in downtown, Karsiyaka/Izmir

A curious spectator (!)

A nice photo from Adapazari

On a park allee in Konya

In Kadikoy/Istanbul. In the background you can see the historical Haydarpasa Terminal

The future of chess lies not only in big playing halls, but also in chess-playing generations across the streets. Turkey seeks for support for this movement from all other countries. Join us, play chess and take photos wherever possible!

Info and photos submitted by Ilgaz Gumustas.

Born in Istanbul in 1982, Ilgaz is a chess instructor who has been publishing chess articles for the national newspaper "Birgün" for the last ten years. He is also the author of the books:"My friend Chess", "Checkmate in 1-2-3 Moves", "Checkmate in 4-5-6 Moves", "Someday, for sure".

Ilgaz is currently a member of Press and Media Relations Board of Turkish Chess Federation and Izmir Karsiyaka Town Chess Representative.

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msert msert 10/12/2015 02:04
İt s wonderful activity. Turkish goverment supported these activities.
kayatoast kayatoast 10/7/2015 01:01
@lanjo nope. Chess is chess and it is a beautiful game to enjoy, irrespective of any political views one may harbour.
Ianjo Ianjo 10/6/2015 11:59
It would be nicer to enjoy if Turkey was not run by a fascist government that with the support of hypernationalists kemalists, is trying to destroy the little thread of democracy that exists there.
kachazo kachazo 10/6/2015 06:04
nice places to enjoy playing chess outdoor!!!