Tromsø 2009 – the Arctic Chess Challenge

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8/2/2009 – The Arctic Chess Challenge in Tromsø is this year’s most prestigious event in Norway. More than 35 titled players are taking part, including 13 GMs. Top seed is Polish GM Bartosz Socko, rated 2656, with three more super-GMs just below him. The tournament is truly an international open: the 118 participants hail from 26 countries, and from all parts of the world. Pictorial report.

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Tromsø – Arctic Chess Challenge 2009 – Round one

Report by IM Torstein Bae

The top rated player is Polish GM Bartosz Socko, FIDE rating 2656. Three more super-GMs are taking part: GM Igor Khenkin of Germany, GM Yuri Drozdovskij of the Ukraine, and GM Emanuel Berg of Sweden. The Norwegian prodigy GM Jon Ludvig Hammer (19) is ranked as number five.

The city of Tromsø is the Norwegian candidate for the 2014 Chess Olympiad. One aim of the Arctic Chess Challenge is to demonstrate that the city is able to organise important tournaments. Another aim is to show the beauty of Tromsø. Located north of the polar circle, the city can offer both amazing nature (for two months in the summer, the sun never sets) and urban pleasures. In fact, Tromsø is often called “The Paris of the North”.

The chief organiser Jan Sigmund Berglund and the beautiful Tromsø nature

At 3 p.m. local time on the 1st of August, the chief arbiter Panagiotis “Takis” Nikolopoulos declared that the games could start, and more than 110 players sprung into motion. Some players did not make it to Tromsø in time. GM Amon Simutowe of Zambia lost by default in round one; he will arrive in Tromsø in time to play round two on Sunday.

The playing hall

There were not too many surprises in round one. A lot of lower rated players fought well, but in the end the masters proved to be a bit too strong. There were some notable exceptions, however. On board one, GM Bartosz Socko was held to a draw by local hero Frode Bull Jaeger (2015). An even better result was achieved by the Norwegian 13-year-old Gregor Taube, who beat Danish IM Nikolaj Mikkelsen in the first round. Taube recently won the Norwegian U13 Championship, and is now on his way to a great result in Tromsø.

First round surprise: Taube (left) vs IM Mikkelsen, 1-0

Even though there were some surprises, just about everyone is of the opinion that one of the GMs will be on top after nine rounds. Here are the main contenders for the first prize.

The Socko family: GM Bartosz (Elo 2656), GM Monika (2449) and Szymon (untitled)

GM Igor Khenkin (Elo 2634), one of the strongest German players

GM Yuri Drozdovskij of Ukraine, elo 2620

GM Emanuel Berg (2610), who recently won the Swedish championship for the first time

GM Vadim Malakhatko of Belgium, Elo 2570

GM Jon Ludvig Hammer (elo 2583), who recently replaced Simen Agdestein as
Norway’s second strongest player. You might know who is the strongest…

GM Sarunas Sulskis of Lithuania, Elo 2559

GM Julian Radulski of Bulgaria, Elo 2539

But of course there is more to the Arctic Chess Challenge than all these GMs. As a true open there are players of all levels participating. Here are a few of them.

Gorata Leso of Botswana

IM Ray Robson, who recently won the US Junior Championship

Marianne Wold Haug, 16 years old and number six on the Norwegian women’s rating list

IM Alex Wohl, one of the strongest Australian players

The Arctic Chess Challenge is being played in Tromso from August 1st to 9th. The first five rounds (August 1st to 5th) start at 3 pm local time; the last four start at 12 pm. Every round you can follow nine games live on or at the tournament website (link below). At the website you can also play through games and look at more pictures.


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