Train the trainers: the ECU Online Trainers Conference

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9/22/2021 – Having regular training and having a good trainer helps enormously to improve one's game. But trainers also need to be trained, and this is what the European Chess Union and the European Chess Academy do in the "ECU Online Trainers Conference" from 1 October to 3 October, in which some of the world's best and most experienced trainers share their methods and secrets.

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Dear chess friends,

chess education is currently blooming worldwide on different levels, especially in schools. Chess has at last been recognized as an excellent tool that can help children learn different things like logical thinking, patience and ability to analyze any situation and make proper decisions.

For this reason, it is necessary for us to help our trainers and teachers to improve their knowledge. Therefore, we invite all interested trainers to participate, completely free of charge, in ECU Online Trainers Conference that will be held on ZOOM platform from October 1st until October 3rd 2021. 

ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili and ECU general secretary Theodoros Tzorbatzoglou will open the event and will present the program and ECU, FIDE Director Dana Reizniece will talk about specification in women chess, FIDE Trainers Commission Chairman Mikhail Kobalia will reveal how a Russian youth system works, ECU Educational Commission Chairman IM Jasper Hall will talk about chess in schools, ECU Vice President GM Ivan Sokolov will show how to teach pawn structures properly. They will be joined by some of the World’s top trainers (GM Iossif Dorfman who will present his method, IM Vladimir Grabinsky will explain how to teach beginners, GM Georg Mohr will show you how a lecture should be structured, GM Adrian Mikhalchishin will later explain how to teach classics and there will also be other special guests) and specialists who will also share their knowledge with all trainers. The participants will be given time to ask questions after every lecture. 

Everybody is welcome to register!

GM, FST Adrian Mikhalchishin


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