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by ChessBase
6/7/2002 – From Monday June 10 we will be holding regular tournaments on the Playchess server. Mondays is blitz (5+0), Tuesdays bullet (1+0), Thursdays three minute blitz and Fridays five minute blitz. Registry is usually fifteen minutes before the tournament begins. You will find all times and conditions listed here.

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Weekly tournaments on the Fritz Server

Starting from Monday, June 10, 2002, we will be holding regular tournaments on the Fritz Playchess server. We start with four fixed tournaments which should allow anyone to register and participate in a suitable event.

Note that all times are given in GMT. For Middle European Time add two hour, London is plus one hour, New York minus four hours. Example: 18:00 GMT = 20:00 Berlin/Paris, 19:00 London, 2 p.m. NY. Check out your local time here.

These are the tournaments:

Mondays, from 18.00 Uhr GMT: Monday Night Chess
Blitz tournament with classical time controls: five minutes with no increments. Registry starts at 18:00 GMT, play starts at 18:20 GMT. The tournament is planned as a nine round Swiss, but until this has been implemented on the server it will be run in Fritz mode. After seven rounds the best eight players qualify for the finals, which is conducted as a knock-out.

Tuesdays, from 17.15 GMT: Classical Bullet
The time control is one minute with no increments. The tournament begins at 17:30 GMT, registry starts at 17:15 GMT. Before the Swiss System is in place we will conduct it as a round robin with 30 players. The tournament should end in time for GM Matthias Wahls' lecture begins at 19:00 GMT.

Thursday, from 16.30 Uhr GMT: Blitz Tournament
The time control is three minutes with no increments. Registry at 16:30 GMT, games start at 18.45 GMT. Once again this will be held in Fritz tournament mode, with a nine-round qualification and six players proceeding into the finals. This will be held as a round robin. The tournament should be completed in time for GM Dorian Rogozenko's training at 19.00 GMT.

Friday, 18.00 GMT: Friday Night Chess
Blitz tournament with classical time controls: five minutes, no increments. Registry is at 18:00 GMT, games start at 20:20. The tournament is in Fritz mode, after a seven round qualifier the top eight players proceed to the knockout finals.

Wednesday are reserved for special events. We are also planning tournaments with long time controls. Announcements are to be found on the Playchess site in the official tournament rooms.

2 pm
Monday Night Chess
5 + 0
1:15 pm
Classical Bullet
1 + 0
12:30 pm
Blitz Tournament
3 + 0
2 pm
Friday Night Chess
5 + 0

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