Tournaments from Poland to Paks

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6/24/2005 – Summer just officially started but chess season is well underway. The European individual championships are both in progress and the strong Marx György tournament just finished in Paks, Hungary. You can check out all the standings and games here.

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3rd Marx György tournament – Paks, Hungary

Almasi surges, Korchnoi falters

For most of the way it looked like it was going to be yet another amazing triumph for the ageless Viktor Korchnoi. He was schooling the youngsters and leading this powerful event after seven of ten rounds. But the veteran only scored a half point in the final three rounds, including a loss with white to his only pursuer, Almasi. This made a winner of the local boy, Korchnoi finishing second. Indian star Sasikiran scored 2.5/3 in the final rounds to save quite a few rating points.

European Individual Championship – Warsaw, Poland

After six rounds the favorites are clashing at the top of the table in this tremendously strong event. The first clear leader has also appeared, Vadim Milov of Switzerland. He has reached an impressive 5.5 score, but some of the world's strongest players are lurking right behind him and there are seven rounds to go.

Teen star Sergey Karjakin is one of the pack with five points, along with Nisipeanu and Asrian. The massive group with 4.5 includes favorites Ivanchuk, Radjabov, Aronian, and Dreev. Of the many notable games and results so far, don't miss the teen battle between Karjakin and Radjabov. The younger of the young, Ukraine's Karjakin, sacrificed the exchange in the topical Sveshnikov and won a very attractive game.

European Individual Women's Championship – Chisinau, Moldova

Meanwhile, the ladies are further along on the quest for a crown. And another Ukrainian 15-year-old is leading the way! After eleven rounds Katerina Lahno is tied for the lead with Russia's Nadezhda Kosintseva with 8.5.

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