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5/3/2007 – He is just twenty and recently won the Sigeman & Co. tournament with a 1½-point margin. But Ivan Cheparinov is best know for working and assisting former FIDE world champion Veselin Topalov. In this role his opinions on this cooperation and on the role of computers (and the Internet) in the future of chess is noteworthy. Interview in Chessdom.

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Interview with Ivan Cheparinov

Conducted over telephone by

Ivan Cheparinov in round four of the Sigeman & Co Chess tournament in Malmö

In the first part of the interview Cheparinov speaks about his win at the Sigeman & Co tournament. In spite of winning it with a 1½-point margin the 20-year-old thinks that in this event the experienced players won the battle of the generations. Here are some other topics he touched on:

On working with Veselin Topalov: I prepare my games with Veselin. We work very well as a team and I feel I benefit a lot from our cooperation.

On the role of computers in chess: The machines are an important factor in chess today. We use them more and more. Soon it will be impossible to win against them, but they are very helpful for developing chess skills. Of course, there is the negative side, the cheating possibility. However, with adequate control this problem can be eliminated.

On anti cheating measures: Looking back at the last year you know that there were possible flaws in the Kramnik-Topalov match. In general the other tournaments were pretty secure. I personally did not like the Dresden 2007 organization. There the coaches had full access to the players and anti-cheating measures were at their minimum. [In the upcoming M-Tel tournament in Sofia] I am sure there will be high quality measures. It was so in the years before, it will be so now.

On manager Danailov: Chess needs to develop. That is why I support the idea of my manager, Silvio Danailov, for the creation of the Grand Slam. It will be a very dynamic competition with an interesting format. I love the idea that there will be a final match between the winners in Bilbao.

Ivan with his manager Silvio Danailov

On chess on the Internet: There is one more factor that I would like to mention about the future of chess – it is the Internet. This is the media that has to make chess popular. In my small hometown everybody is following games on the Internet and there are big discussions. Chess is for everybody and the Internet is the only option to globalize it.

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