Topalov-Kramnik on the horizon?

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1/24/2006 – FIDE president Ilyumzhinov is back in provocative form with comments supporting a Topalov-Kramnik world championship match. He mentions September as a date and the Kalmykian capital of Elista as the site. Raising the money has been outsourced. Read the article here and decide if it's hope or hype.

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Ilyumzhinov promotes Topalov-Kramnik match

The Russian paper Sport Express is reporting a statement by FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov in support of a world championship match between FIDE champion Veselin Topalov and classical champion Vladimir Kramnik. You'll recall that earlier negotiations broke down a few months ago in a hail of press releases from both sides. The report is short on details and doesn't go further than saying that such a match is both possible and welcome, and that the Kalmkyian capital of Elista is available as a host site. Of course the money must still be raised.

According to FIDE's recently announced regulations for world championship challenge matches, it would be a 12-game match with the title on the line. If Kramnik wins he's the champ and Topalov would take Kramnik's spot in the qualification cycle. Since Kramnik is not in the current cycle, having been replaced by Shirov as a rating qualifier, it's not clear what would happen to Topalov this cycle should he lose.

Below is a translation of the original article here:

On Tuesday, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov told Sport Express correspondent Vassiliev that the Kalmykian Republic is offering to stage a September 2006 match in Elista between WCh Veselin Topalov and Russian GM Vladimir Kramnik, who in 2000 won a match against Garry Kasparov. "We want that the chess world at last comes to peace and agreement. According to the new FIDE rules a match between the current world champion and a challenger who is able to provide the specified prize fund can be staged without any harm to the current world championship cycle that will be finished in 2007 with a double-round match-tournament.

Ilyumzhinov stated that the organizing committe of the match, which includes the English millionaire Lord Justin Portman and ex-president of the ACP Joel Lautier, is going to provide a prize fund that will be satisfactory for all the interested parties. The Republic of Kalmykia, where in December of last year the largest Buddist temple in Europe was inaugurated, will be glad to host not only many pilgrims but also fans of this ancient game from all over the world. The match is planned to be staged in the unique city of chess ("Chess City").

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