Topalov: 'I haven’t a clue, anyone can win'

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8/22/2005 – The FIDE Classical Chess World Championship will take place in Argentina in October this year. To promote the event the organisers are interviewing each of the eight participants, asking them identical questions. This time it is Bulgarian Super-GM Veselin Topalov, number three in the world rankings, and one of the hot favourites to win. Here's what Veselin said.

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The FIDE World Chess Championship will take place in the Hotel Potrero de los Funes Complex, in the Province of San Luis, Argentina, from September 27 to October 16, 2005.

WCC San Luis 2005 Press Release

“Anyone can win”

Interview with Veselin Topalov

Bulgarian chess player Veselin Topalov spoke to the World Chess Championship San Luis 2005 Press Office. Happy to participate in this event, Topalov assured that he’s only thinking about winning this tournament, although he recognized that “anyone can win”.

“This is the first time that the best eight players of the world are gathered together to see who’s the best”, he said, and he added that “this will be the most important” tournament of his life. Asked about the “tips” for winning this World Chess Championship, he sincerely concluded: “Honestly, I haven’t got a clue”. As synonym for Argentina, he mentioned Maradona and soccer.

Ten questions

1. What are your expectations about this important competition?

I’m very happy for being able to participate in this historical World Chess Championship and I’m only thinking of winning it.

2. How do you evaluate the way of play of this competition? (Double round-robin)

I think this is the best and most balanced system. Luck can not influence in the result. The winner will be the fair champion.

3. Which are your favourite players among your seven opponents? And who will be the toughest?

Everyone is dangerous. Anyone can win.

4. How are you preparing yourself for the WCC Argentina 2005?

I can’t reveal the secrets of my preparation, but I will be training hard for a long time.

5. Do you think that you will be coming being in your best competition level?

I’ll be doing my best to get to San Luis in my best level.

6. Which will be the "tips" to win the competition?

Honestly, I haven’t got a clue.

7. Will this tournament be very different from all the others you have already played?

Of course, the World Chess Championship is always very special; I think this will be the most important tournament of my sportive life.

8. Will the spectators be seeing "new things" in the way of playing?

Yes, and I’m sure they are going to enjoy it very much.

9. Why should spectators not miss this championship?

Because this is the first time that the best eight players of the world are gathered together to see who’s the best.

10. Name the first things that come in to your mind when you think of Argentina.

Maradona, soccer.

Source: Press Office of the WCC San Luis 2005

Short biography of Veselin Topalov:

International Grandmaster. Born in Sofia (Bulgaria) on March 15th, 1975. He is currently number three on FIDE’s world ranking (Elo: 2788). His aggressive style and theoretical preparation led him to the top of world’s chess. He beat Kasparov in his last match at the prestigious tournament of Linares, sharing the first position. Polls show him as one of the candidates to win the title.

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