Topalov back in Bulgaria, seeks rematch

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10/15/2006 – On Saturday Veselin Topalov and his manager Silvio Danailov arrived at Sofia Airport. Speaking to journalists they said that FIDE would change its regulations soon, implying there might be a rematch between Topalov and Kramnik in March 2007. Danialov also announced that there would be a book exposing Toiletgate. State of Danailov?

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Veselin Topalov is in Bulgaria

Veselin Topalov and his manager Silvio Danailov arrived yesterday at Sofia airport. They were glad to share some thoughts on the WCC 2006. Veselin was met by a crowd of journalists and fans. He gladly answered some questions. The resulting interview was published on the unofficial Topalov web site, The cartoon from this year's Mtel tournament, and was selected by the Topalov web site for the interview.

Question: Veselin, how do you feel?

Topalov: I am happy to be in Bulgaria again. I would like to thank all the people that supported me. I am sorry I could not achieve more.

Are you sorry that the match took place in Russia?

No, Elista is a great place with very nice people. The organization was perfect. The problems that occured could have occured at any other place.

How did the match go?

I was dominating the game, but Kramnik was defending well and used his chances.

Did you expect a tie break?

No, I thought I would win the match in the regular games. I had not prepared for a tie break at all.

Why did all the games start with a Slav?

That was my strategy. I always had advantage in the opening. We had many ideas and were creating serious problems for Kramnik in the beginning of the games.

Did you feel that Kramnik is more experienced in such type of matches?

I would not say so. The rules are not much different than any other type of tournament.

Tell us more about toiletgate?

I do not think this issue is closed. I do not want to take part of the scandal, though. This is the job of my manager and I do not know all the details. Of course, that was something very strange that the team Kramnik could not explain.

Did Kramnik’s going to the toilet disturb your concentration?

No, I was calm. I would not say I have problems with nervousness in general.

Do the rules give you a chance for a rematch with Vladimir Kramnik?

These are things decided by FIDE. As far as I know, there will be changes in the regulations soon.

Will they let you play in Mexico 2007?

To be honest, I do not know.

There are rumors that you received money to lose the title.

Of course I received money. But this was money according to the contract and I was going to receive the same amount no matter if I had lost or won. The way I fought in every game does not leave place for doubts.

Silvio Danailov summarized the past WCC on the way out of the airport. “We were under a lot of pressure, the hosts made everything to win the title. Expect a whole book on the events in Elista where the scandal with the toilet will be explained in details.”

Match Kramnik-Topalov in March 2007?

On the unofficial Topalov web site Silvio Danailov is quoted as saying: “FIDE regulations allow every world champion that has lost the title to challenge the title holder. The total prize fund is 1.5 million dollars. We will find this money and will request the game to take place in Sofia. We will offer an exact date, 3rd of March 2007.” Earlier Veselin Topalov said that he is not sure if he will be invited to participate in the next World Championship, which is scheduled to start on September 12, 2007 in Mexico City.

The Bulgarian information agency Focus confirms this: “Bulgaria’s chess grand master Veselin Topalov will try to win the World Chess Championship Title in a new match versus Kramnik”, Topalov’s manager Silvio Danailov said at a press conference at Grand Sofia Hotel. “The regulations of the World Chess Federation allows each world champion, who has lost the title to extend an invitation for a new match. The sum of EUR 1.5 million has to be provided as an award. We will find the money and will demand that the match take place in Sofia. We will even propose the date March 3rd, 2007”, Danailov stated.

And the Sofia News Agency confirms: "Bulgaria's Topalov Wants the World Title Back, Challenges Kramnik." The agency writes: "Bulgaria's chess king Veselin Topalov, who lost the title of world's best chess grandmaster with a narrow defeat against Russia's Vladimir Kramnik, will insist on a return game, his manager announced in Sofia. The regulations of the World chess federation (FIDE) allows every former world champion to challenge his opponent should he secure the prize of EUR 1.5 M, Silvio Danailov told journalists on Sunday. According to Danailov the return match could take place in Sofia, on March 3, 2007. Danailov suspects Kramnik will not accept the offer, which will force FIDE to strip him of the world's only chess king title. Topalov and Kramnik inspired reminiscences of Kasparov and Karpov, who first started the schism in the chess world back in 1993."

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