Tiviakov wins and reports on the Eforie Nord Festival

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7/2/2011 – This event was marred by a warning issued by the Romanian Chess Federation that the tournament had not been sanctioned and organisers were not to be trusted. The final winner, GM Sergey Tiviakov said that he was well treated and received good conditions. The Black Sea venue was spectacular and Sergey went on not just to win the tournament but also send us this beautiful pictorial report.

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III International Chess Festival Eforie Nord 2011

Before we come to the players, chess and the scenery of this event, which ran from June 20-30 and had a prize fund of 47,000 Romanian Lei (= 11,000 Euros or US $16,000), here is a letter we received from the Romanian Chess Federation distancing themselves from the tournaments and its organisers:


Str. Vasile Conta nr. 16, Sector 2
Bucuresgti, Romdnia, Cod Pogtal 020954
Tel.: +40 21 3174701 | 02
Fax: +40 21 3174700
e-mail: contact@frsah

Nr.4l6 / 17.06.2011

In att: David Jarrett, Executive Director

Dear colleagues,

With reference to the situation of Mr. Dan Pasarelu, Romanian chess player, club manager and organizer ofchess competitions, we would like to inform you that his behavior and his activity in the recent past raised a lot of problems in our federation and in entire Romanian chess community.

The present situation is:

  • Mr. Dan Pasarelu, as a consequence of the decision adopted by the Ethics Commission of RCF is suspended as an organizer 12 months starting with 30.10.2010 and his chess club, Siciliana, is suspended as organizer club by the Ethics Commission and the decision was endorsed by the Appeal Committee's decision from 15.01.201l.

    Both decisions are finals without any other appeal option!

  • Following a request of Clubul Sportiv Municipal Bucuresti for organizing 2011 edition of Eforie Intemational Open, the RCF Board decided in a first session to ask the organizing club more details and guarantees and because the club's response was total unsatisfactory, the Board decided in the next session not to approve the Eforie Intemational Open.

The suspension decisions of Mr. Dan Pasarelu and Siciliana Chess Club and the rejection of the request to organize Eforie Intemational Open are according to the Romanian Chess Statutes and Regulations and to Romanian Sport Law.

In fact in the previous editions of Eforie Intemational Open there were serious organizing problems in paying prizes to awarded players and for arbiters revenues as well. RCF received many complains from players and arbiters and it seems that not all the sums are cleared until present. AIso, Mr. Dan Pasarelu has debts to some hotels, for example for RIN Grand Hotel in Bucharest, the 4500 Euros debt of Siciliana Club is 14 months in areas. This year he tried to involve Clubul Sportiv Municipal as the organizer club, because he is First Trainer in the club but what was to clarify it became clear that he remains the main person involved in the forthcoming event (see also that he is the contact person on www.fide.com).

In the above situation, he may organize the Eforie International Open, an "unofficial" tournament without the approval of RCF and FIDE. Based on the experience of this situation, we kindly ask FIDE to analyze the opportunity to improve the www.fide.com web site access and not to allow announcing an event on Other Tournament section which is not according to FIDE and a federation rules and regulations provisions.

Best regards,
RCF President
Constantin Dumitriu

In reaction to the above letter one of the participants of the tournament, top seed Sergey Tiviakov, wrote us in reply:

"I play in lot of tournaments all over the world, private and 'official'. For me the most important thing is good treatment of the organiser and nice conditions. About the Eforie Nord chess tournament I cannot say anything bad so far! If the Romanian Chess Federation wants strong players to participate in their tournaments then it must organise the tournaments accordingly. Inviting strong players on good conditions and providing a sufficient prize fund for the tournament is essential."

Sergey also sent us nice pictorials from the venue. Before we come to his latest here the final results – as you can see our photographer had enough energy left to win the tournament alone in first place:

# Ti Player Nat. Rtng Pts TB1 TB2 TB3
1 GM Tiviakov Sergei NED 2622 8.5 62.0 75.5 57.00
2 GM Fedorov Alexei BLR 2592 8.0 60.5 74.5 52.25
3 WGM Peptan Corina-Isabela ROU 2421 7.5 61.0 73.5 48.00
4 GM Malakhatko Vadim BEL 2546 7.5 60.5 74.0 48.25
5 IM Petrosian Suren ARM 2392 7.5 57.5 69.5 44.00
6 WGM Ionescu Irina ROU 2245 7.5 54.0 66.0 43.25
7 GM Manolache Marius ROU 2545 7.0 62.5 74.5 45.75
8 IM Miron Lucian-Costin ROU 2506 7.0 61.5 75.0 44.25
9 GM Badea Bela ROU 2491 7.0 60.0 72.5 44.25
10 GM Gavrilov Alexei RUS 2478 6.5 62.5 75.5 41.00
11 FM Ogleznev Alexandr MDA 2335 6.5 57.0 69.0 36.75
12 IM Nevednichy Boris M MDA 2269 6.5 56.5 69.0 38.00
13 IM Zozulia Anna BEL 2371 6.5 56.5 68.0 36.50
14 WGM Cosma Elena-Luminita ROU 2328 6.5 52.5 65.5 35.25
15 Postolachi Viorel MDA 2111 6.5 49.5 60.5 31.25
16 FM Agafii Victor MDA 2253 6.0 53.5 65.0 32.25
17 NM Jiroveanu George ROU 2218 6.0 51.5 62.5 30.50
18 CM Stegariu Vlad-Ionut ROU 2220 6.0 49.5 61.0 29.75
19 FM Breahna Radu ROU 2272 6.0 49.0 60.0 31.00
20 CM Barzanu Iulian ROU 2229 6.0 48.0 56.5 26.25
21 CM Pachia Mihai ROU 2084 6.0 47.5 59.0 30.75
22 I Raducanu Alberto ROU 1777 6.0 45.0 54.0 23.50
23 Chircu Vadim MDA 2069 6.0 44.0 52.5 24.25

Click here for complete results. And here's a typical game by the winner:

Photo report by Sergey Tivikov

The playing venu in the Hotel Acapulco (left) on the shore of the Black Sea

The playing hall in the hotel

You can see the sea while playing your games (right GM Mahai Suba)

Wind-swept and heroic: the winner Sergey Tiviakov, with 8.5/11

In second place: Belorussian GM Alexei Fedorov, with 8.0/11

A sensational third place for WGM Corina-Isabela Peptan of Romania

Let me see, I prepared something for black – but will it work
with red?? In fifth place IM Suren Petrosian, ARM, with 7.5/11

1.d4 – wondering what the Red will play: Romanian GM Marius
Manolache, who finised in seventh place with 7.0/11

31st: WCM Ioana Gelip, Romania, rated 1973, 5.0/11

32nd: Alexandra Taposu-Matei, Romania, rated 1788, 5.0/11

34th WFM Andra-Marina Chirita, Romania, rated 2057, 4.5/11

35th: WCM Roxana-Ana Anton, Romania, 1836, 4.5/11

37th: WCM Georgiana-Steluta Morea, Romania, 1921, 4.5/11

40th: Diana-Maria Serbanescu, Romania, 1847, 4.0/11

One of many orthodox churches in the city

The plaque reminds us that Romanian is basically a dialect of Latin

Our intrepid GM reporter tasting the local mulberries

His judgement: they are absolutely delicious and very easy to eat

Fresh roasted corn sold on the beach front

A World War Two bunker on the beach – with a contemporary Belorussian GM next to it...

... and a very successful Dutch grandmaster and photographer on top of it

A final look at the Black Sea beach of Eforie Nord


The games are being broadcast live on the official web site and on the chess server Playchess.com. If you are not a member you can download a free Playchess client there and get immediate access. You can also use ChessBase 11 or any of our Fritz compatible chess programs.

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