Timur Gareyev breaks blindfold record

by ChessBase
12/5/2016 – On December 3, at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas Timur Gareyev made an attempt to break the world record in blindfold simultaneous play. Without seeing the board Gareyev played against 48 opponents at the same time, more than any player before him. With a mask before his eyes and on an exercise bike. 35 wins, 7 draws, and 6 losses later Gareyev could say: "Yes, world record."

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Photos: Lennart Ootes

Timur Gareyev was born in Uzbekistan but now lives in the U.S. and plays
for the U.S. Chess Federation.

The event begins and Gareyev greets his opponents...

... in a specifically designed t-shirt.

Chess player in action

Gareyev rides on an exercise bike to keep physically fit while
challenging his mind.

But the blindfold simul was also a challenge...

... for Gareyev's opponents.

Another impressive performance by "blindfold king " Timur Gareyev



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