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5/12/2004 – After the very exciting ACP Inaugural (78 participants, 54 GMs, 22 rated over 2600) and the first Women's Internet Tournament the ACP is staging a third Internet tournament for its members. It is sponsored by ChinaCom and will be hosted on the Playchess.com server from May 31 to June 5th. Here are all the details...

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Dear ACP members,

Following the large success of the ACP Inaugural Tournament and the Ladies' Tournament, the ACP is proud to announce the organization of the "Third ACP Tournament" on playchess.com. Thanks to both sponsors, ChinaCom and ChessBase, the prize fund will amount to US $6,500. As this is significantly higher than for the "Inaugural" we will, this time around, hand out 16 prizes, with US $1,800 to the winner. Please note that for administrative reasons all prizes will be paid in Euro equivalents.

The tournament's mode will be similar to the "Inaugural", with five preliminary tournaments taking place from May 31st to June 3rd, and a final event on June 5th. We decided to give Peter Svidler, winner of the ACP Inaugural Tournament, a wild-card slot for the final event. But unfortunately he has to play in another tournament on that time. Therefore, runner-up Evgeny Najer will be seeded to the final event. Thus, three qualifying places will be on stake at each preliminary tournament. The time-control will be 4+1 (4 minutes for all the moves, with a bonus of 1 second per move) for the preliminaries, and 5+1 for the final tournament.

Once again, when registering on the website you will be asked to specify which preliminary tournament you would prefer to play in. Note that ACP members who are playing at the European Individual Championship in Antalya, which ends on May 31st, can choose one of the later dates, so that they will be able to participate in our Internet tournament all the same. Others should please try to choose an earlier one.

For those of you who did not take part in the ACP Inaugural Tournament, we would like you to take note of the following. In order to play on the Playchess server you need a handle (a server name). Those of you who do not have one should let us know which name you wish to use. Please choose a professional handle consisting of your surname and, if possible, your first name or initial (the maximum length is 16 characters). We will set up your account with the appropriate ranking and send you back all necessary information, including your password. Only after this procedure will you be able to log in and play in the ACP tournaments. You can change the personal information attached to your name, as well as your password. Finally, we strongly advise you to play a few training games on playchess.com in order to be acquainted with the software and the functionality of this site.

We would like to remind everyone that using engines and databases during the game is specifically prohibited. A breach of these rules leads to an exclusion from the tournament. Cheating is checked by special software provided by playchess.com, and by a committee nominated by the ACP. Unfortunately, two players had to be disqualified during the ACP Inaugural Tournament. We really hope that we will not have to take such measures again and are counting on your sense of fair play.

Looking forward to seeing you soon at the tournament,
With kind regards
The ACP Board

The Third ACP Tournaments are once again sponsored by China Communications Corp. (“ChinaCom”), which is building the world’s largest Chinese Business to Business (B2B) Platform. The events will be hosted by ChessBase GmbH on the server at Playchess.com.

"My God, it's full of stars..." – Players during the first ACP tournament on Playchess.com


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