Tiger Lilov’s Chess Show: Plan like a Grandmaster! – Part 2

by ChessBase
8/3/2009 – Bulgarian chess trainer FM Valeri Lilov, rated 2411, has a weekly show on Playchess.com. On Mondays at 20:00h CEST (7 p.m. London, 2 p.m. New York) he presents practical chess problems and interesting themes based on games taken from recent super-tournaments. This time he will focus on the Planning in the games of grandmasters, with live audio commentary. Take a look, it’s free!

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Being a grandmaster is maybe the secret final goal or dream of 99% of the chess players. While, this goal may prove hard to accomplish, it's never a minus to have a basic idea of how the real grandmasters actually plan in a game and what sets this elite group apart from the rest of the so aspiring, yet still not accomplished chess players around the world. In this episode of the Tiger Lilov's Chess Show, titled "Plan like a Grandmaster", FM Valeri Lilov will reveal to his audience some basic concepts and ideas "the strong" grandmasters use while planning in a game of chess. He will acquaint you with  the interesting puzzles grandmasters solve while playing while other players probably never even suspect that can exist in a typical game of chess.
What so different happens in grandmasters' minds while contemplating a move will be the main plot of the next Monday's Tiger Lilov's Chess Show, so don't miss it. There will be also a number of chess problems for you to solve like a grandmaster after the presentation and you will see how many hidden doors will open for you after studying carefully the words of the young FM. Grandmaster are not aliens. They just know some more than you do, and they use it, which helps them outwit any untitled player without implying too much efforts. Come Monday night, enjoy the game of the tiger!
For this week's Playchess lecture you can try to solve this interesting chess problem on planning, that we are going to start with on Monday!
In this position, which occurred in a grandmaster game, what is the best way for Black to strengthen his position and find the best plan?
You can send your solutions through http://www.tigerlilov.com/contact.html. The winners will be given free lectures and training materials by FM Lilov.
Valeri Lilov, chess master and teacher
FM Valeri Lilov is a renowned chess prodigy, who reached the highest levels of chess coaching and gained tremendous success from the first months in the big business. Now, he is working as a private chess coach and you can review his rates and invaluable service in every possible field in chess at http://www.tigerlilov.com. He is now working for five of the most famous chess giants on the internet, such as Chess.com, ChessLecture.com, and ICC and is signing a sixth contract with ChessCube.com, while receiving countless offers to comment international opens, train whole national teams for important competitions and help anyone who needs some improvement in chess without any kind discrimination. Last year he also reached his new highest FIDE rating of 2443 and gained his FIDE master title plus two IM norms, so we can expect him to become an international master very soon, which will well match his unusually high FIDE rating for a FM.
We are looking forward to seeing you Monday night. Don't miss the Tiger's Show!

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