This one will be on my tombstone when I die

11/6/2020 – "There might be a few viewers who are not aware of this game..." Sagar Shah says in a YouTube meeting. Nigel Short: "They don't exist! I've been to the Galapagos Islands, where the iguanas knew this game." In this entertaining 7½-minute video former World Championship challenger runs us through his most famous game, with two stand-up comedians watching. Pure enjoyment.

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Nigel: I've been to Mongolia, and on planes there people come to me and say "Great game you played against Timman". So no, I  refuse to believe there is anybody 0n the planet who doesn't know this game.

Sagar: Okay so just for the aesthetic beauty, this was the game between Nigel and Timman, played in Tilburg in 1991. Was just any tournament or it was like part of the Candidates or something like that?

Nigel: No, no they used to have very strong  tournaments in Tilburg, double round robin events with eight of the best players in the world, and that ran for many years. So that was a major, major tournament. 




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malfa malfa 11/9/2020 08:56
After 31...Bc8 32.g4 Nigel omits to explain what he would have done had Black continued with 32...hxg4 33.Ng5 g3+! when the computer continuation is the insane 34.Kxg3! Bxd7 35.Kh2!! whereas a human, especially if short - or Short? :-) - of time would reasonably choose 36.fxg3 allowing Black some counterplay After 36...Bb7 which forces the passive 37.Qf1.
k2a2 k2a2 11/8/2020 08:17
"I've been to Mongolia, and on planes there people come to me and say....." I think Nigel must have meant 'plains' and not 'planes'.
Frits Fritschy Frits Fritschy 11/7/2020 04:31
Maybe this one: a consultation game Teichmann-Allies, Glasgow 1905, but the king is just running, not necessary for contributing to the mate. It is, except in the databases, also to be found at Edward Winter's chess notes site, nr. 10798.
I found two more examples at Tim Krabbé's site: (Remove the '-' and replace the DOT by a dot; my comment would otherwise be automatically deleted.)
drhpi drhpi 11/7/2020 02:10
Quite amazingly, the old master Richard Teichmann already played essentially the same combination many, many years ago in a simultaneous game. I don't know whether that game can be found in the databases. I saw it in a book presumably about Teichmann but I cannot remember the title.
bbrodinsky bbrodinsky 11/7/2020 01:37
Miss your articles in NIC, Nigel. You're the funniest.
Frederic Frederic 11/7/2020 01:27
In the current West Wing maybe. But Josiah Bartlet would have quoted the entire game flawlessly to Sam Seaborn.
JumpingFrogs JumpingFrogs 11/7/2020 04:21
I was recently in the West Wing of the White House (after taking a truly wrong turn or two), and no one there had ever heard of this game or of Short or Timman or chess.