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4/4/2002 – Fritz7 allows you to join a global chess community and play chess on the Internet. You can download a ten-day trial version of the program. This can be used to run a bunch of free "engines" which are available in our download zone: Crafty, Comet, EXChess, Faile, InmiChess, BamBam, Goliath, or the latest UCI engines Pharaon and Sjeng. Don't miss the chance – it is all completely free of charge. More

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It is the program of choice for anyone who loves the game and wants to know more about it. Start your personal success story with ChessBase and enjoy the game even more.


Chess Engines for Fritz

Native Engines

These are engines which are simply copied into the engine directory of your ChessBase programs. This is generally C:/Program Files/ChessBase/Engines. They become available to all Fritz and compatible programs (Shredder, Junior, Tiger, etc.) and to the database programs ChessBase 7 and 8. The engines do not work with the older programs Fritz5 16 bit or ChessBase 6.0.

These are the chess engines you can get:

  • Goliath Light 1.5: 32 bit engine by Michael Borgstädt.
  • Crafty 18.14: 32 bit top engine by Prof. Robert Hyatt for single or multiprocessor systems.
  • Comet B42: 32 bit engine by Dr. Ulrich Türke.
  • EXchess 4.03: 32 bit engine by Dan Homan.
  • Faile 1.4: 32 bit engine by Adrien Regimbald.
  • InmiChess: 32 bit engine by Werner Inmann.
  • BamBam: 32 bit engine by Werner Inmann.

Download native engines here...


UCI stands for "Universal Chess Interface", a communications protocol between chess engines and a chess program like Fritz or Shredder. It was designed by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen and Rudolf Huber. The UCI protocol may be used without any license fees, for private and for commercial purposes. The engines come with an installer which automatically copies them into the correct directory.

  • Pharaon 2.62: 32 bit chess engine by Franck Zibi (accesses the Nalimov Endgame Turbo). You can find more information of Pharaon on Franck Zibi's Website. Pharaon requires Fritz 7 update-version from 21.01.2002 or Shredder Classic.
  • Sjeng 12.11: 32 bit chess engine by Gian-Carlo Pascutto (accesses the Nalimov Endgame Turbo). You can find more information about Sjeng on Gian-Carlo Pasutto's Website. Sjeng requires Fritz 7 update-version from 21.01.2002 or Shredder Classic.

Download UCI engines here...

Playchess Server

Fritz7 is not just a computer opponent, teacher, trainer and all-round chess partner. It also has a built-in Internet client which allows you to play against other human beings, all over the world, day and night. You can make new friends, play casual games, watch strong players battle it out, follow and discuss live events with other visitors.

Until now the only way you could become part of this new global chess community was to buy and install a copy of Fritz 7 (or Shredder 6). Now we have a special offer that allows you to try it out before you take the step. A free Fritz7 Internet client, which you can download and try out for ten days.

Note that all the above free engines will work with the Playchess client. You can use them when "kibitzing" games, or you can play the engines against other computers or "centaurs" (man + machine) in the computer room of the Playchess server.

More information on the Playchess Client

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